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Dance Audition Casting Call for Cruise Ships


Dance casting for American Cruise ships in Kiev

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International Talent Agency "Rising Stars" Inc holds audition for dancers with classical, contemporary and folk skills to work for International cruise companies.

The audition lasts one day with few interruptions and takes place in several parts. In each of these parts, choreographers (teachers of classical and contemporary dance) show and learn different dance fragments (composition) with the dances. Then, the dancers perform what they learned and choreographers select dancers who passed in the next round.

Dancers must have experience of classical dance and also must be trained on the basic directions of modern dance. Performing tricks in folk dancing are welcoming for boys.

Dancers must have a training suit and shoes.

After the dance competition there is a personal interview with each the finalist. Personal qualities are judging after the main dance skills.

The result whether you have a job or not, you can find out immediately after the interview either within the first two weeks after the audition (after seeing the video shot during the audition).

Other requirements:

- must possess a valid passport;

- knowledge of English (conversational level);

- height for boys is 170-182 cm;

- height for girls is 160-180 cm.

The advisable monthly salary is 2400 USD - 2600 USD per person per month. Commissions is 10%.

Starting from the next contract/s the salary can be increased.

Contract term is 6-10 months. Sometimes longer.

Place of rehearsals is England & USA.

About the work:

Professionally trained solo dancers are gathered in an artist group, which includes not only dancers but singers. The dancers work during the evening shows, theater musicals in the liner (ship).

Costumes, shoes and own dance performances are not required for this work.

The dancers, who have signed a contract with an employer, go to the rehersals in England.

In England the dancers teach dance performances and special costumes are sewed for them.

During the training in England & USA air flights, accommodation and food is provided and paid for.

While working on the ship cabins (2 persons in one cabin) with all the facilities are provided.

3 meals a day for the staff in the restaurant or in the restaurant for guests (if invited by guest) is also provided. Drinks 24 hours only soft. It is not permitted to drink spirits at any time during the contract, only limited wine and beer.

Shows take place two to three times per week depending on the itinerary & as required by the Cruise Director. The shows can be performed up to three times per night, but usually only two. the contracts also include social duties.

When the ship piers in any country, artists and guests of the ship may go onto land and attend any of the countries (this allows special C1/D visa). All cast members (including singers) are required to complete IPM

In addition to the main dance work, the contract also provides assistance to staff of the ship - no more than 10 hours a week:

- Work in the library - assistance to the staff;

- Staff assistance while boarding and landing on a ship (collect and give back passports to the passenger). Performers must learn the special rules on security and be able to explain them to the new passengers, etc.

Insurance is provided and paid for by the employer.

Round-trip flight for dancers is also provided.

The employer does not provide:

- transportation in Ukraine, Russia to the audition, at the Embassy, airport;

- payment of visa fees / costs of C1D visa will be returned on the Ship.


We'll inform You personally about our all next dates of dance auditions in Ukraine /Kiev or Kharkov/ and in Russia /Moscow or  St. Petersburg/

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