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Acrobats Adagio

List of acrobats adagio available to work for cruise lines, hotels, resorts, and amusement parks.

Acrobatic Duo 121
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Aerial Adagio Duo 145
Kiev, Ukraine
Hand to Hand Duo 2272
Cali, Colombia
Acrobatic Duo 2281
Yaroslavl, Russia
Acrobatic Duo 2864
Stockholm, Sweden
Acrobatic Duo 3378
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Acrobatic Duo 3380
Kyiv, Ukraine
Acrobatic Duo 3433
Lisbon, Portugal
Adagio Duo 3445
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Hand to Hand Duo 3805
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Acrobatic Duo 3810
Tirana, Albania
Acrobatic Duo 3926
, Canada
Acrobatic Duo 4120
Kamenskoe, Ukraine
Acrobatic Duo 4141
Pekin, China
Adagio Duo 4640
Budapest, Hungary
Acrobatic Duo 5207
Wroclaw, Poland
Acrobatic Duo 5214
Tenerife, Spain
Acrobatic Duo 5273
Berlin, Germany
Acro Duo 5382
Minsk, Belarus
Acro Duo 5386
Dubai, UAE
Acro Duo 5387
Bucharest, Romania
Acrobatic Duo 5418
Mexico City, Mexico
Adagio Duo 2053
Kiev, Ukraine,
Adagio Duo 2201
Kiev, Ukraine
Adagio Duo 7521
Wroclaw, Poland
Adagio Dance Duo 8333
Krivoi Rog, Ukraine
Adagio Duo 8342
Budapest, Hungary
Adagio Duo 9797
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hand To Hand Duo 109027
Kyiv, Ukraine
Adagio Duo 106513
Antalya, Turkey
Adagio Duo 107023
Norway, Ukraine
Acrobatic Duo 108097
Dnepr, Ukraine
Adagio Duo 109623
Kharkov, Ukraine
Acrobatic Duo 110161
Donetsk region, Ukraine
Hand to Hand Duo 111355
Paris, France
Hand To Hand Duo 110994
Kyiv, Ukraine
Hand To Hand Duo 111008
Zlotoryja, Poland
Acrobatic Duo 111272
Hamadan, Iran
Acrobatic Duo 111295
Mexico city, Mexica
Hand To Hand Duo 111341
Taoyuan, Taiwan
Acrobatic Duo 112771
Lahti, Finland
Acrobatic Duo 7717
Bucharest, Romania