The Best Talents for The Best Shows

Jobs for performers

Jobs available for dancers, ballroom couples, circus acts, musicians, bands, special acts at cruise ships, hotels, theme parks and festivals around the world.

Jobs for ballroom couples

Jobs available for balroom couples on cruise ships and at 5 star hotels.

Dancers for Live Dance streaming show

We are looking for Talented charismatic Dancers who are willing to go for TikTok Star success!

The online audition for the 3-6-12 months Contract in China. Live streaming show on Chinese TikTok or Kuaishou.

The dancers do not need to work in the theater or in the park, the dancers work in front of a camera. 5-6 hours working hours a day. One day off a week.

Legal job. We do all legal permits, permissions, license, work visas before to fly China. Need Professional Dancers with diploma to get work permits from the Chinese Government.

Client provides visas, permits, flights, accommodation with kitchen. Starting fixed fee is USD 1800 monthly.

If you want to apply for the audition, please apply below. We'll contact you for the interview.

Jobs for double bass players

Jobs available for double bass players on cruise ships as a part of an orchestra.

Available Cruise vacancies for 5 pc Band

Attractive salary, sign on February 19th in Gran Canaria sign off August 6th in Kiel.
Itinerary: Canary Islands, Mediterranean and Norway with Spitzbergen.

- from 19 February 2023;
- from 7th June 2023;
- from 17th July 2023;

Jobs for pianists

Jobs available for pianists on cruise ships, at hotels, theme parks and festivals around the world.

We are looking for a Musical Technical Supervisor for the Cruise Contract

We are looking for a Musical Technical Supervisor now.

The person occupying this position, under the direction of the Entertainment Managed and in cooperation with the Production Supervisor, Studio Supervisor, Band Leader as well as Choreo Coach is responsible for the coordination, planning and monitoring of all technical matters in connection with the entertainment department.

Jobs for drummers

Jobs available for drummers on cruise ships.

We are looking for double trapeze duos

Ideally with H2H skills.
Cruise performance contract will commence on 27th June 2022 until May 2023.
Excellent fee and conditions.

We are looking for acts with a WOW factor

Acts we are looking for are: Aerial Duo (male and Female) Trapeze/Hoop/Spanish Web/Silks /Pole Aerial Artists, Jugglers, Contortionists, Cyr Wheel, Balance acts, Hula Hoop.
Who can all dance well for ensemble numbers.
To start End of May - 6/7 months Cruise contracts.



International Singers Piano bar

Singing Guitarist

Stowaway Piano Player

Pop/Rock band

(composed on average of 5 musicians) lovers of good live music that can enjoy different concerts every night (minimum 7 different show duration 2 hrs each)

Country Duo / Trio / Band

Disc Jockey/vocalist

with music for all types of audience from chill-out to disco/techno house and Latin American dance music

Violinist Pop Duo

(Bond Style) with repertoire of pop dance music (experienced in the world of disco and European Lounge Clubs). They can also be able to perform improvisation sessions during DJ sets

Sax Bar/multi-instrumentalist

who will be able to present different sets of lounge/pop/house music to perform solo or with DJ

Jazz Band

A Young Party Trio

will accompany the Animation Team in the various activities. Their repertoire will consist of up-to-date pop music to animate the lounge

Young International Duos

will present international pop repertoire with contemporary voices and arrangements

MSC Cruise Contracts for Circus Acts, Dancers and Vocalists

The world’s largest privately-owned cruise line and brand market leader in Europe and South America LOOKING FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT TEAM

MSC Cruise Contracts for multiple Circus Acts, Pop/Modern/Jazz Dancers, for Salsa & Ballroom Couples who dance pop/modern/jazz, and for Production Vocalists.

Online audition for dancers and circus acts for the International project at Antalya, Turkey, season 2022

Rehearsals for the circus acts can be 1-2 weeks only.

Casting for the Land of Legends Theme Park

We are looking for:

Circus Acts
All candidates must be nice looking, with a lot of small trick skills, age 18-45.

6 working days per week, 1 day off. Accommodation - next to performance area for all period. Meal - 3 times a day. Travel expenses. Legal job visa procedure.

We'll send the first email to you immediately after registration. IMPORTANT - To finish the registration please send in reply your promo pictures. Please kindly check your Spam/Junk/Promotions folders if this email doesn't reach your inbox. If you still can't find it please contact us.

Cruise Ship Contracts for a Juggling solo, Duo, and very skilled quality multiple Circus solo&duo acts

From USD 4300 per person per month - Cruise Ship Contracts for a Juggling solo, Duo, and very skilled quality multiple Circus solo & duo acts from January 2022 !!!

Need to have other generalist skills with some comedy as well to add to the ensemble.

Vacancy for a Pop Trio/Band from English speaking countries

4 months contract starting from December 2021 at 5 stars Hotel in Doha, Qatar.
All year round Hotels and Cruises Contracts.
Hotels room and food at the same hotel. Flights are provided.
6 working days a week. 3 sets by 45 minutes a day.

Jobs for a DJ to Hotel in Doha, Qatar

We are looking for a DJ for the contract in Doha, Qatar.

  • Play 4 sets of 45 minutes
  • Meals at the hotel, accommodation behind the hotel in an apartment in a separate room
  • Guest status. Access to the beach, pool, and gym

Trio Band to perform at 5 stars Hotel

Available position for a Trio Band to perform at 5 stars Hotel in Doha from November for 6 months contract.

Singing pianist to perform at 5 stars Hotel

Available position for a singing pianist to perform at 5 stars Hotel in Doha from November for 6 months contract.

Cruise Ship Jobs for Salsa acrobatic Couples

We have vacancies for Salsa Acrobatic Couples at Cruise Ships and International Amusement parks.

Professional Latin Ballroom Couple wanted - jobs & careers

We are hiring all year round and for future dates.

Cruise Productions is seeking strong seasoned versatile, technically trained, professional dancers ages 18-35. Strong performance ability is a plus.

Video submission. Applicants must submit video footage displaying a brief dance combination (2 to 4 counts of 8) to include: Pirouettes (Jazz or Classical), Jumps, Extensions, Battements, etc. You will also need to include two contrasting Jazz combinations, 1 to 2 minutes minimum, in Contemporary, Lyrical or Funk Jazz styles. Video footage of previous performance experience showing various dance styles as well as any special skills such as aerial or tumbling is a plus. We are seeking Dancer/Aerial Artists to perform on original apparatus in featured aerial and production shows. Must have a strong dance background. Prior aerial experience is a plus however, not required. Tumbling is a plus.

Rising Stars Video Dance auditions/castings for Cruise Ships/Casino/Parks.

1. We are searching for a Featured Ballroom Couple for the Ship Contract. Couple will be scheduled to participate in rehearsals and performances of the Production Shows. Contract is 6 months.

2. Seeking a Featured Professional Exhibition Dance/Adagio Couple for the Ship Contract (Male and Female) with an emphasis on Latin / Salsa Ballroom dance for Production stage shows. Must be sexy, dynamic, professional, latin looking with excellent partnering/adagio skills, lifts, throws, turns and tricks. Contract is 8 months.

International Talent Agency "Rising Stars" announces casting for Circus Artists for the world's leading Cruise Lines

All artists who are interested in the job on cruise ships are welcomed to take part in the audition online. The best artists will be invited for an interview and those who pass will get the contract.

We are looking for professional, experienced and versatile circus performers aged 18-35 years with different circus acts. Knowledge of English is necessary.
In order to be considered your submission must include the following:
1. Resume/CV have to include height, weight, professional achievements, working experience.
2. RECENT pictures from your shows in costumes, headshots and bodyshots, front and back, in sport for fitness & tattoos check.
3. Video links of all your acts.
4. One/two minute introduction interview. Speaking to a camera giving us an idea of your background/training and showing your PERSONALITY, tell us regarding your experience, results, hobby, etc.

Vacancies for a Multi-Talented Duo to perform on cruise ships and on the land

Job for Multitasking/Multitalented Acrobatic Duo (balancing, acrobat, hula hoops, other acts). 3-6 months contract with possibility to extend. Contracts at 5 stars Hotel in Asia and on cruise ships. Attractive salary and working places.

Vacancy for Roller Skaters Duo with other crowd participation acts

We have a vacancy for roller skaters DUO with other crowd participation acts. Position: Entertainer - Roller Skaters (male/female duo). The Company provides round trip tickets, visas, accommodation, basic medical insurance, laundry service for costumes and two hot meals per day during the contract period.

Vacancies for artists to perform in 5 stars hotel in Asia

We have vacancies for the following artists to perform in 5 stars hotel:

High Fashion Stilt Walkers – Eastern European, 1 Male, 1 Female
Caricature Artist
Human Statue

The Company provides round trip tickets, visas, housing and money for food.

Casting Extreme Sports

Seeking the following performers for a high energy, multi-disciplinary-media show based in and around water inspired by extreme sports.

Hand Balancing Duo (Male/Female)
- Unique Act with additional skill set preferred (i.e. Contact Dance, CaneBalancing, Aerial Acrobatics)
- Acrobatic technique and great movement required
- Female performer must possess great flexibility with grace and strength
- Duo must be willing to participate in creating a new act specific for this show

Slackline Performers (Male)
- Well versed in Trickline technique (Advanced Level)
- Also able to perform on a Highline at 17-18 Meters
- Floor acrobatics required

Synchronized Swimmers (Female)
- Strong dance technique on dry stage required
- Urban dance style preferred
- Capable to dive from 3 meters
- Height requirement: 5’6” and taller

Free Runners (Male & Female)
- Urban dance technique: Popping, Locking and Breaking preferred

Divers/Trampolinists (Male & Female)
- Seeking experienced 10 meter divers
- Additional Skills: Trampoline/Acrobatics preferred
- Dance and movement skills; urban dance experience preferred

High Divers (Male & Female)
- Able to dive from 17 Meters
- Red Bull/FINA experience preferred, but not required

We are looking for a German Wheel or Cyr Wheel acts

Cruise Ship Contract. Contract conditions: 7 days a week, no days off, free board and lodging, arriving in Stockholm. You must perform in production show, promenade and another places on the ship, good if the artist have another act/show as well as juggling, bike or similar. The vessels run between Stockholm - Helsinki. Please confirm if you have European visa.

Singing audition. There are vacancies for Production Show Vocalists to work on Cruise Ships.

1. Production Show Female Vocalist. Location: At Sea. Age:20+.
Production show vocalist. Versatility, excellent vocal techniques, and a thrill for live performance are the qualities we’re looking for when it comes to our vocalists. Singers must be able to make the transition of taking the audience on a journey through the songs that inspired success on Broadway to the riveting pop sounds heard on the radio worldwide to a Cirque-style ethnic fusion rich in color and earthy in tone. Female vocalist should have a belt to D and soprano extension a plus.

2. Production Show Male Vocalist. Location: At Sea Age:20+.
Production show vocalist. Versatility, excellent vocal technique, and a thrill for live performance are the qualities we’re looking for when it comes to our vocalists. Singers must be able to make the transition of taking the audience on a journey through the songs that inspired success on Broadway to the riveting pop sounds heard on the radio worldwide to a Cirque-style ethnic fusion rich in color and earthy in tone. Looking for versatile male bari-tenors to G or tenors to A with some riffs, strong pop falsetto a plus.

Vacancy for a Female String Trio to perform in 5★ Hotel

We have a vacancy for a female string trio. 3 months contract at 5 stars Hotel starting from October. Rates from 1,500 per person per month. 30 mins of 6 sets per day. Airtkts, accommodation, meals provided.

Vacancy for a Classical Duo (piano & violin)

We are looking for a classical duo (piano & violin) to Hotel in Japan. Company provides:

* Meal
* Cleaning
* Accommodation
* Personal computer (under certain conditions)
* Hotel facilities

Cruise Vacancies for String Quartets

We are looking for String Quartets for the contracts on a cruise ship. The contracts are always 3 to 5 months long depending on availability.
We are not looking for guest musicians for this position.
The working times: string quartets perform every day, seven days a week, 4 sets – each 50 minutes at different locations.
(There will be offshore days where you can leave the vessel and “see the world”).
The repertoire is a mix of the quartets own pieces and Cruises pieces that take part the shows onboard.
Provides: round trip flights, accommodation(double cabin), during the time on board provides health insurance, meals(crew cafeteria).
You need to pay the medical certificates and visa by yourself.
The salary for new crew members about 2000€ /month per person.
Besides job as musicians there are so called “Side Duties”.
These duties are f.e. in case of emergency or (if needed) helping with stair guiding on guest change days.
(There are no other duties like serving guests or cleaning, etc.)

Cruise Line Casting for Production Lead Vocalists

We always look for male and female Singers for high quality shows and theater productions on aboard for Cruise Companies. The Singers should be professional, seasoned and versatile, ages 18-40 with an understanding of all vocal styles including: Pop/Rock, R&B, Contemporary Musical Theatre/Broadway, Classical, and Jazz. They are not band singers, therefore they must have the ability to pick up harmonies and blend well. Strong acting ability and foreign languages are a plus. All singers must be able to study a dance/movement combination. Company provides: airtickets, accommodation and meals. We would love to see video recording of required audition material. If you are available and interested in recording of audition video please submit your application.

Open position for 4-6 pc band for cruise contracts

We always look for a 4-6 pc of band for the contracts on cruise ship. The contracts with immediate start for a 3 months. Band will be working 7 days a week, there are no days off. Normally band would do 4 x 45 sets a day, although this can be up to 5 hours a day. Cruise ship will arrange flights and transport to the ship. Accommodation is shared cabin (2 per cabin). On the ship is all inclusive. Band would be required to take their own instruments. (Cruise ship does have 2 grand pianos available on-board) Cruise company will pay for extra luggage. Musicians should have STCW, medical and seamans passport.

We are always looking for male and female Singers for high quality shows and theater productions on aboard for American Cruise Company

The Singers should be professional, seasoned, and versatile singers ages 18-40 with vocal styles that include: Pop/Rock, R&B, Contemporary Musical Theatre/Broadway, and Jazz. Strong acting ability and foreign languages are a plus.
Females - Vocal range between G3 - C6, with a strong, controlled belt/mix up to an F5.
Males - Vocal range between A2 - A4 and must be able to sustain upper notes. Some roles require a strong falsetto up to an F5.
All singers may be taught a dance/movement combination and should bring proper dance attire that best shows your figure.
Company provides: airtickets, accommodation and meals.