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Jobs for double bass players

Jobs available for double bass players in orchestras on cruise ships.

Jobs for double bass players

When our clients hire a double bass player, they provide a working visa, plane tickets, a full board accommodation, and an adequate salary. The salary depends on place of work, working schedule, level of double bass player's skills, etc.

Jobs for double bass players on cruise ships

Contract duration on a cruise ship is usually 6-8 months. Cruise ships hire double bass players to play as a part of a band/orchestra.

Jobs for double bass players at hotels

Contract duration at a hotel is usually 3-6 months. Double bass players usually play in a bar as a part of a duo, a trio, or a group.

How to get a job as a double bass player

All you need to get a job is to provide us your promo materials. Please use the form we created for your convenience. After review your materials we will contact you with information about available jobs. Then we present your promo package to our clients you might be interested to work for.

In the dynamic world of hospitality and entertainment, live music plays a pivotal role in creating unforgettable atmospheres for guests on cruise ships and at hotels. Within these musical ensembles, double bass players hold a unique position, providing the foundational rhythm and depth that enrich the overall sound. Their roles on cruise ships and in hotels are varied and come with distinct opportunities and challenges that reflect the diverse settings in which they perform.

Opportunities for Double Bass Players on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships offer double bass players a wide array of performance opportunities, ranging from being part of jazz ensembles and orchestras to show bands accompanying theatrical performances. These positions typically involve contracts of varying lengths, often ranging from a few months to over a year, providing a steady income and the chance to travel extensively. Beyond the immediate benefits, working on a cruise ship allows double bass players to grow professionally, offering exposure to an international audience and the chance to network with musicians from around the world. This environment demands a high level of versatility and adaptability, as players must be prepared to perform a wide range of musical genres.

Opportunities for Double Bass Players in Hotels

Hotels, particularly those with a focus on luxury and high-end experiences, frequently feature live music as part of their ambiance, creating opportunities for double bass players to perform in lobbies, bars, and during special events. Unlike the transient nature of cruise ship engagements, hotel positions can offer more stability and the chance to become a recognizable part of the local music and hospitality scene. These roles might not offer the same extensive travel opportunities as cruise ships, but they can provide more consistent performance schedules and the potential for long-term contracts. Additionally, working in a hotel allows musicians to build closer relationships within the local community, enhancing their professional network and opening up further career opportunities.

Skills and Requirements

To succeed in these roles, double bass players must possess a broad repertoire, able to switch seamlessly between genres such as jazz, classical, pop, and more. Collaboration is key, as performances often involve working closely with other musicians and entertainers. Physically, handling and transporting a double bass requires strength and care, especially when moving between different performance venues on a ship or within a hotel.