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Jobs for saxophonists

Jobs available for saxophonists on cruise ships, at hotels, theme parks and festivals around the world.

Jobs for saxophonists.

When our clients hire a saxophonist, they provide a working visa, plane tickets, a full board accommodation, and an adequate salary. The salary depends on place of work, working schedule, level of saxophonist's skills, etc.

Jobs for saxophonists on cruise ships

Contract duration on a cruise ship is usually 6-8 months. Cruise ships hire saxophone players to play in a bar. They also can hire saxophonists to become a part of a band/orchestra.

Jobs for saxophonists at hotels

Contract duration at a hotel is usually 3-6 months. Saxophonists usually play in a bar or at a lobby.

How to get a job as a saxophone player

All you need to get a job is to provide us your promo materials. Please use the form we created for your convenience. After reviewing your materials we will contact you with information about available jobs. Then we present your promo package to our clients you might be interested to work for.

We guide artists every step of the way - from submitting your promo materials on our website to concluding your contract, our team ensures a seamless experience.