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About Casting

We are looking for Talented charismatic Dancers
who are willing to go for TikTok Star's success

The online audition for the 6-12 months Contract in China starting from September 2023. Live streaming show on Chinese TikTok or Kuaishou.

The dancers do not need to work in the theater or in the park, the dancers work in front of a camera. 5-6 hours working hours a day. One day off a week.

Legal job. We do all legal permits, permissions, licenses, and work visas before to fly China. Need Professional Dancers with diplomas to get work permits from the Chinese Government.

The client provides visas, permits, flights, and accommodation with a kitchen. Starting fixed fee is USD 1600-1800 monthly.

If you want to apply for the audition, please register below. We'll contact you for the interview.

Table Setting