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Cruise Ship Jobs - Great Opportunities for ballroom dancers Let the "Rising Stars" International Talent Agency assist your dancesport career in the entertainment cruise industry. One of the goals of our agency is to place ballroom dancesport couples in cruise line production shows.

Instead of searching out cruise line auditions, simply apply with us. All you need to do is send your photo and video portfolio by e-mail (ballroom dancesport competition video and photo preferred) and we will promote you to our cruise line clients.

The opportunity for ballroom dancers to secure engagements with cruise ships have never been better. In the last two years, over 30 million people took their vacation on a cruise ship, generating over $70 billion for the cruise industry. According to cruise ship line statistics, this is up 8% from the year before. Job for Dancers on Cruise Ship Lines. A booming cruise industry means opportunity for professional ballroom dancers. Not only for the work itself but also because it allows for competitive dance training during the contract period on the cruise ship.

A typical cruise ship contract for ballroom couples is six months onboard, plus approximately one month rehearsal beforehand, ashore. The number of dance shows performed during a contract depends on the length of the cruise as well as the other entertainment options onboard.

Usually, from five to ten nights on an 11-day cruise, and one night on three and four day cruises. Starting pay varies between cruise ship lines but in general, first timers receive $500 - $700 per week for a six-month contract. Famous professional dancesport couples receive $800 - $1000 per week. Usually, a dancesport couple performs their own show program. But some production shows require the couple to also do a group dance with the troupe. From time to time the choreographer may ask you to dance salsa, merengue, swing, tango, modern or other Latin style dances so being versatile is a plus. There are normally at least 10 brand new ships launched each year, worldwide.

Apply now and you may be among the lucky ones who benefit from employment aboard some of the biggest and most luxurious liners in the world. The cruise line provides a round trip flight from your home city to the ship and all accommodation plus amenities. We welcome inquiries from those skilled in Latin and Ballroom dance. Great opportunity to travel the globe, dance, and get paid for it.

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