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Musicians wanted - work for musicians - job for musicians - musician job from production singers in Italy - to drummers in USA - to vocalists in France and everywhere in between, our talent agency connects musicians from worldwide.

Our database of musician wanted and musician available is the premier source for anyone looking to join, start, or complete a band or music project. Whether musicians you're looking to join a band or need a musician to complete your line-up, talent agency "Rising Stars" will make the connection for musicians of all ages and all experience levels.

Don't lose your time goggling search engines. Singers wanted, drummers available, guitarist needed, sax player available, singer available, drummer available, bass player wanted - all quires result you'll find at our musician catalog. Created for worldwide performers, our talent agency is a musician wanted and musician available database to music and entertainment industry. Over the years, musician catalog has continued to grow and expand its database with more and more musicians and performers being posted daily. Currently, there are hundreds of classified performers posted on the musician database with easy, in many surrounding countries and regions.

Whoever you are, you can get in touch with musicians who will want to play your type of music in your way at your level. We've catered for a wide range of areas and music genres in the hope that we can help as many musicians as possible join their ideal work. We're partnering with many talent agencies worldwide and have exclusive contract with casinos, clubs, hotels, music festivals, resorts, cruise lines. We have contract from one night party till long term at cruise line ships. Harnessing the power of internet media, the global clients will find, create and manage a world-class musicians, from first on-line auditions through increasing musician-mania and on towards the defining great moment - a shot at getting a best from the best musician around the world. And you can pre-audition on-line for the musicians! Talent agency "Rising Stars" has already gained interest from biggest musician production company around the world who are ready to booking musicians.

Pre-audition now - are you a talented musician who looking jobs? If so, talent agency "Rising Stars" want you to audition.

We looking for "singers" category - Big Band Singer, Blues Singer, Broadway Singer, Cabaret Singer, Caribbean Singer, Celtic Singer, Christmas Carolers, Classical Singer, Country Singer, Disco Singer, Doo-wop Singer, Flamenco Singer, Folk Singer, Gospel Singer, Hip-Hop Singer, Irish Singer, Italian Singer, Jazz Singer, Latin Singer, Motown Singer, Oldies Singer, Opera Singer, Pop Singer, R&B Singer, Rapper, Rock Singer, Reggae Singer, Soul Singer, Swing Singer, Top 40 Singer, Tribute Singer, Variety Singer, Wedding Singer, Yodeler. We looking for "bans" category - Acoustic Band, Alternative Band, Blues Band, Christian Rock Band, Classic Rock Band, Cover Band, Fusion Band, Indie Rock Band, Jam Band, Metal Band, Oldies Band, Pop Band, Punk Band, Rock Band, Southern Rock Band.

If you are looking jobs for musicians you are in the right place, at the right time!

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