The Best Talents for The Best Shows


List of groups available to work for cruise lines, hotels, resorts, and amusement parks.

Flying Trapeze 4064
Madrid, Spain
Aerial Trio 104961
Helsinki, Finland

Aerial Group 7595 Aerial Group 7595
Montreal, Canada
Aerial Circus Show Aerial Circus Show
Ottawa, Canada
Aerial Trio 9594 Aerial Trio 9594
San Jose, Costa Rica
Aerial Group 1885 Aerial Group 1885
Seattle, USA
Jungle Circus Jungle Circus
Aerial Trio 1539 Aerial Trio 1539
Pretoria, South Africa
Aerial Show 1540 Aerial Show 1540
Bucharest, Romania
Circus Team 888 Circus Team 888
Kiev, Ukraine
Circus Group 1541 Circus Group 1541
Miami, USA
Aerial Flying Group 1542 Aerial Flying Group 1542
Bijing, China
Cuban Circus Trio Cuban Circus Trio
Havana, Cuba
Magic Cube Magic Cube
Bijing, China
Aerial Group 9532 Aerial Group 9532
Bristol, UK
Aerial Silk, Aerial Lyra, Trapeze & Fire-Eating Acts Aerial Silk, Aerial Lyra, Trapeze & Fire-Eating Acts
Michigan, USA
Aerial Group 991 Aerial Group 991
Paris, France
Aerial Group 6863 Aerial Group 6863
Kiev, Ukraine
Circus Team 7407 Circus Team 7407
Kiev, Ukraine
Aerial Group 7666 Aerial Group 7666
St. Petersburg, Russia
Aerial Trio 9588 Aerial Trio 9588
Brooklyn, USA
Aerial Acrobatic Group 105993 Aerial Acrobatic Group 105993
Moskow, Russia
Aerial Acrobatic Group 106545 Aerial Acrobatic Group 106545
London, UK
Aerial Group 106553 Aerial Group 106553
Toulouse, France