The Best Talents for The Best Shows


List of groups available to work for cruise lines, hotels, resorts, and amusement parks.

Special Group 74
Moscow, Russia
Special Trio 2277
S.C Tenerife, Spain
Special Trio 2285
Lugansk, Ukraine
Special Group 6674
Odessa, Ukraine
Light Show 7619
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Circus Show Group 9799
Kiev, Ukraine

Special Trio 109159 Special Trio 109159
Mekelle, Ethiopia
Special Duo 766 Special Duo 766
Moscow, Russia
Special Group 110938 Special Group 110938
Kyiv, Ukraine
Chinese Family Acrobatic Show 4362 Chinese Family Acrobatic Show 4362
China, China
Chinese Stage Show 4365 Chinese Stage Show 4365
China, China
Dance Circus Show 109523 Dance Circus Show 109523
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Special Trio 6957 Special Trio 6957
Nikolaev, Ukraine
Special Group 107868 Special Group 107868
Kharkov, Ukraine
Shadow Theater 109020 Shadow Theater 109020
Kyiv, Ukraine
Light Fire Show 104933 Light Fire Show 104933
Kyiv, Ukraine
Neon Led Show 109400 Neon Led Show 109400
Bristol, UK
Group On Ice Skating 108901 Group On Ice Skating 108901
Moscow, Russia
Vertical Dance Group 108926 Vertical Dance Group 108926
Oakland, USA
Led Drummers 106051 Led Drummers 106051
Paris, France
Circus Group 109524 Circus Group 109524
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Trampoline Trio 106926 Trampoline Trio 106926
Kyiv, Ukraine
Icarian Games 107086 Icarian Games 107086
Moscow, Russia
Skipping Trio 110905 Skipping Trio 110905
Kyiv, Ukraine
Special Group 110364 Special Group 110364
Kyiv, Ukraine
Mongolian Circus Group 108320 Mongolian Circus Group 108320
Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Puppet Show 108771 Puppet Show 108771
Kyiv, Ukraine
Illusion Comedy Show 108842 Illusion Comedy Show 108842
Nikolaev, Ukraine
Special Trio 108868 Special Trio 108868
Sofia, Bulgaria
Special Group 109626 Special Group 109626
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Special Trio 109918 Special Trio 109918
, Czech Republic
Theater And Circus Show 109964 Theater And Circus Show 109964
Antalya, Turkey
Special Trio 110016 Special Trio 110016
Madrid, Spain
Special Group 110064 Special Group 110064
, Hungary
Crocodile Show 110234 Crocodile Show 110234
Show with dogs 110243 Show with dogs 110243
Poltava, Ukraine
Gauchos Show Group 110311 Gauchos Show Group 110311
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Trampoline Group 110402 Trampoline Group 110402
Kyiv, Ukraine
Special Group 110847 Special Group 110847
Moscow, Russia
Animators Group 110877 Animators Group 110877
Kharkov, Ukraine
Neon Led Show 110958 Neon Led Show 110958
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Light Fire Show 111118 Light Fire Show 111118
Moscow, Russia
High Wire Act 111043 High Wire Act 111043
Bogota, Colombia
Trampowall Group 111064 Trampowall Group 111064
Moscow, Russia
Russian Swing Group 111082 Russian Swing Group 111082
Moscow, Russia
Light Neon Show 111129 Light Neon Show 111129
Minsk, Belarus
Gauchos Show Group 111142 Gauchos Show Group 111142
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Laser, Fire & Smoke Show Laser, Fire & Smoke Show
Indian Magic, Dance & Puppet Indian Magic, Dance & Puppet
New Delhi, India
Circus Troupe Concept Circus Troupe Concept
Theatre on the Stilts Theatre on the Stilts
Efekt Efekt
Bucharest, Otopeni, Romania
Special Group 9666 Special Group 9666
Brussels, Belgium
Project Show Project Show
Co Company Co Company
Russian Bar 1302 Russian Bar 1302
Moscow, Russia
Rome, Italy
Circus for Zorik Circus for Zorik
Cirque Grand Show Cirque Grand Show
Kiev, Ukraine
Circus Group 1240 Circus Group 1240
Moscow, Russia
Trampowall Group 1793 Trampowall Group 1793
Krasnodar, Russia
Laser Light Show Laser Light Show
Moscow, Russia
Big Mystery Show Big Mystery Show
Rishon Lezion, Israel
Circus Acrobatic Group 1887 Circus Acrobatic Group 1887
Horse show Horse show
Longford, Ireland
Acrobats 1241 Acrobats 1241
Orlando, Florida, United States
Rope Jumpers Rope Jumpers
Antwerp, Belgium
April Circus April Circus
"Subbotins Family"
Trampoline Group 1242 Trampoline Group 1242
Moscow, Russia,
Tightrope walkers group Tightrope walkers group
, Russia,
The Magnificen The Magnificen
London, UK
A Acrobatics A Acrobatics
Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine
Circus Group 1243 Circus Group 1243
Circus Family 1244 Circus Family 1244
Kiev, Ukraine
Horse Riders Horse Riders
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Acro Style Acro Style
Tbilisi, Giorgia
Artistic Group 2136 Artistic Group 2136
Kiev, Ukraine
M Circus M Circus
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Family Circus Group Family Circus Group
Ontario, Canada
Juggling & Unicycles 1246 Juggling & Unicycles 1246
Moscow, Russia
"BMW" StreetBikers
California, USA
Fire Neon Circus Group 1959 Fire Neon Circus Group 1959
Brest, Belarus
Mongolian Circus Group 1961 Mongolian Circus Group 1961
Ulan Bator, Mongolia
China Acrobatic Group China Acrobatic Group
Pekin, China
V Bro V Bro
Manila, Philippines
Lights & Flying silks Show Lights & Flying silks Show
Berlin, Germany
Lius Circus Group Lius Circus Group
Gr. Circus Group Gr. Circus Group
Circus Family 972 Circus Family 972
Donetsk, Ukraine
Spesials Basketball Group 2097 Spesials Basketball Group 2097
Budapest, Hungary
Mongolian Circus Mongolian Circus
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Laser Entertainment Show Laser Entertainment Show
Warsaw, Poland
BFBS Group BFBS Group
Zheng-Zhou, China
Romanian Acrobats Romanian Acrobats
Bucharest, Romania
Fantastic Show Fantastic Show
Baku, Azerbaijan
Circus Show With Drums Circus Show With Drums
Montreal, Canada
Interactive Theatre Interactive Theatre
Prague, Czech republic
Female Horse Riders 1248 Female Horse Riders 1248
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Argentinians guachos Argentinians guachos
Berlin, Germany
Acrobats & Maniacs Cirque show Acrobats & Maniacs Cirque show
Montreal, Canada
Riders Show 1249 Riders Show 1249
Bogota, Colombia
Mongolian Circus Group Mongolian Circus Group
Ulan Bator, Mongolia
069 069
Washington, USA
Dance & Circus Group 1250 Dance & Circus Group 1250
Kiev, Ukraine
Family Pop-Circus Show Family Pop-Circus Show
Moscow, Russia