Theater Studio U

Kiev, Ukraine

Theater Studio U

The Theater-studio specializes in story telling, incorporating high energy martial arts.

This act depicts the internal world of man and his struggle with his own flaws. The hero character's mask is penetrated, and his sins, as well as holiness, is revealed.

Trapped in the mirror of a phantom, the characters try to restore their image by destroying the border of both worlds.

Based on the movie 'Gladiator', this act brings two slaves, who are close friends, to the coliseum where they must fight to the death. The chance of survival does not exist, because both are bound with chains, while the third gladiator will be the one who wins. The strength of their friendship is stronger than death.

Students reach a certain level of skill and decide to test the waters, who is stronger, the students or teachers?

Lion dance
In this Chinese puppet theater, bright, funny dancing lions amuse.

Wild dances with fire
This act with fire gives emotional depth, warmth, passion, impetuosity, and the desire to warm another person.

Son cowboy
Comic number where a dream comes to a cowboy in which he must battle the Navajo in the style of Jackie Chan.