Ice Skater 873

Jakarta, Indonesia

Ice Skater 873

D.O.B: 8 March 1990
Nationality: Indonesian
Height/Weight: 165 sm/57 kg

High School Graduate 2008
- SMA Kristen Yusuf, Jakarta (2005-2008)
- Trial TOEFL at Inlingua; ibt 82
- ETS TOEFL Score ibt 72
College 2010-2013
- Institute Kesenian Jakarta (full scholarship fast tracking 3
years bachelor degree)

Skating Experience:
-Started skating since 7 years old
-Freestyle 8 and preparing for Fs.9 test
-Has joined several Asia and national competitions:
- 1998:Skate Malaysia
- 1999:Skate Surabaya
- 2002:Skate Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)
- 2003:Skate Singapore
- 2007:Skate Asia (Manila, Philippine)
- 2010:Skate Asia (Hang Zhou, China)
- 2011:Skate Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)
- 2005-2007:Skate Bandung
- 1998-present: Skate Jakarta

-Acted as the main cast "Kevin" in "Home Alone 2 On Ice" on 1999
-Acted as the main cast "Mulan" in "Mulan On Ice" on 2003.
All shows were held in Sky Rink Jakarta

-TV Appearances
- Tv Global, MTV "Nivea Cewe Banget" (2006)
- Astro Tv "My Hobby" (2007)
- Trans Tv "Happy Family" (2009)
- Trans Tv "Ceriwis" (2009)
- Theatre Film "Dawai 2 Asmara" (2010)
- Trans Tv "Inbox" (2011)

Working Experience

Many places, many occasions, and many times.

Sky Rink Jakarta (seasonal)

Sky Rink Jakarta (2006-2007)

Skate Jakarta 2007, Skate Asia Hang Zhou 2010, Skate Bandung 2011,
Skate Asia Bangkok 2011

-Invited for performing, judging competition and coaches training
Ice Land Jogja (2008)

-Have my own Hip-Hop class

Choreography Experience:
-First time choreographed a skating routine at the age of 12

-Made and choreographed "Little Match-Selling Girl On Ice"
(Duration: 45 minutes) for Spectacular Christmas Show in Sky Rink Jakarta

-Choreographed "Little Mermaid on Ice" at the age of 14

-Choreographed a group number for Christmas Show 2009 in Sky Rink

-Choreographed Technical & Artistic programs for skaters who has joined
Skate Asia 2007 - present (Mostly got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)

-Choreographed for the movie "Love On Ice" (2008)

-Choreographed also trained Cathy Sharon and Ridho Roma for their
skating scene movie "Dawai 2 Asmara" (2010)

-Choreographed "Aladdin On Ice", "Peter Pan On Ice", "Pocahontas On
Ice" for Ramadhan Ice Show at Margo City (2011)

-Choreographed "Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih". A traditional-
contemporary Jaipong dance (2011)

-Choreographed for the top 20 finalist opening dance at "Miss Universitas
Pelita Harapan Scholar 2012"

-Choreographed "Kembali Ke Tradisi". A mixture of Sudanese, Javanese
traditional dance, and figure skating. The first traditional dance on ice.

-Choreographed Hip Hop, Contemporary dance for dance team