Ice Acrobatics Duo 1603

Moscow, Russia

Ice Acrobatics Duo 1603


Date of birth on January, 28th, 1984.

Since 1994-2001 went to school a boarding school ?15 circus profiles of a name of Jury Nikulina.

2001 Has arrived in the state school of circus and variety art of a name of Rumjantseva of the Pencil. In 2005 has ended.

Since 2002 the Extraordinary circus on ice "under the direction of Ryzhkova Sergey has been employed as the actor - of the acrobat in". Accepted participations in tours Malaysia, Belgium, Japan (Shangri-la 2), South Korea, Australia, China, Spain, Gon-Kong, Germany, Dubai, Monte-Carlo, France. In 2006 me have invited to take part to Switzerland (Davos) of a star on ice. Since 2007-2009 worked in the United States of America (Las Vegas the State of Nevada) Russia on ice.? has left 2009.

With 2009-2010 ballet on ice under the direction of Zvyagin Sergey Worked in Italy with collective.

In 2011 has concluded the contract with Theatres of ice miniatures under the direction of Igor Bobrin


Date of birth on march 15, 1988

From 1994 to 2004 studied at school ?698

At the age of 7 years began to be engaged in figure skating on skates.

In 2004, entered the Russian State University of Physical Culture and Sports, finished in 2009.

Since 2007 worked in the Big Moscow circus on the Vernadsky avenue, on the profile of the artist, acrobat, the attraction "Ice divertissement". With the circus went on tour in France (2007) and in Latvia (2009), season 2008 worked in Moscow. In 2010 quit.

In the summer of 2008 worked in the USA, in the state of Missouri in the park Silver Dollar City in a period of three months.

I also worked in the project "the Bremen town musicians on the ice" with a tour through Russia.

In 2009, I was invited to perform in the Gala Show in Italy and in Japan.

In 2010, worked with Tony Mercer in the company "Imperial Stars on Ice" tour in Germany.

In the spring of 2010 has signed a contract with the Theater of ice miniatures under the leadership of Igor Bobrin. Went on a tour to the countries of Latin America, as well as in Korea, France, Switzerland and in the cities of Russia.