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Pop And Jazz Duo 9218
Kharkov, Ukraine

Date of birth:
male - 21.06.1986
female - 06.04.1990
Style:Pop,Jazz,Blues,Folk,Country,Classical music

Male - guitar,harmonika,backing vocal
Female - singer,keyboards,percussion
Named band members style:
Vocal,Guitar,Keyboards,Chromatik Harmonika,Diatonic Harmonika,Percussion

Work experience:
2014 : Busan,South Korea - (lobby bar,"Lotte Hotel")
2013 : Beyjing,China - (music show,"Russian Restaurant")
2011 - 2013 : Various Music Clubs,Kharkiv,Ukraine

1.Hotel California (Eagles)
2.Time after time (Eva Cassidy)
3.Michele (Beatles)
4.Yesterday (Beatles)
5.Moon River (Sinatra)
6.More than words (Extreme)
7.New York New York (Sinatra)
8.Nah Neh Nah (Con Dios)
9.Beautiful (Aguilera)
10.Umbrella (Rihana)
11.Rolling in the deep (Adele)
12.Skyfall (Adele)
13.Because of You (Kelly Clarkson)
14.Dansing Queen (Abba)
15.Bei mir bist du schon (Big band bonanza)
16.Light me up (Birdy)
17.That man (Emerald)
18.Casablanca (Jessi Jay)
19.Price tag (Jessi Jay)
20.Change the world (Clapton)
21.English man in New York (Sting)
22.Fields of gold (Sting)
23.Fragile (Sting)
24.Hello (Lionel Richie)
25.Piano man (Billy Joel)
26.Stay (Hurts)
27.Crazy (Barkley)
28.Killing me softly (Luther Vandross)
29.La bamba (Los Lobos)
30.Young and Beautiful (Lana del Ray)
31.Sunday morning (Maroon 5)
32.No ordinary love (Sade)
33.San Francisco (McKenzie)
34.Stand by me (Seal)
35.Strangers in the night (Sinatra)
36.Sound of silence (Simon and Garfunkel)
37.Shape of my heart (Sting)
38.I knew you were trouble (Taylor Swift)
39.La belle dame sans regret (Sting)
40.Olei (Katamadze)
41.Dont Cry for Louie (Con Dios)
42.Hands Up (Ottawan)
43.Stop (Sam Brown)
44.Dont Speak (No doubt)
45.Aint no sunshine (Bill Withers)
46.Woman in love (Streisand)|
47.Conga (Miami sound machine)
48.Vincent (Don McLean)
49.Halo (Beyonce)
50.Paparazzy (Lady Gaga)
51.Sailing Ships (Whitesnake)
52.She will be loved (Maroon 5)
53.FTB (Robert Glasper)
54.Afro (Blue)
55.In a Dream (Gretchen Parliato)
56.Holding back the years (Simply Red)
57.Butterfly (Herbie Hancock)
58.Still a friend of mine (Incognito)
59.Calls (Robert Glasper)
60.Sinner Man (Nina Simon)
61.Plain gold ring (Nina Simon)
62.Just give me a reason (Pink)
63.My friend (Groove Armada)
64.Autumn leaves (Jazz standart)
65.Feeling Good (Nina Simon)
66.Do not know wy I did not come (Nora Johnes)
67.L.O.V.E. (Natalie Cole)
68.Spooky (Dusty Springfield)
69.Magik moments (Perry Come)
70.I do not care about your dreams (Incognito)
71.Us (Regina Spector)
72.Apres moi (Regina Spector)
73.Samson (Regina Spector)
74.Hero (Regina Spector)
75.Laughung with (Regina Spector)
76.Come away with me (Regina Spector)
77.Sunrise (Regina Spector)
78.Shoot the moon (Regina Spector)
79.Lovers in Japan (Coldplay)
80.Viva la Vida (Coldplay)
81.The Scientist (Coldplay)
82.Clock (Coldplay)
83.A sky fool of stars (Coldplay)
84.Stay the same (Bonobo)
85.September (Earth Wind and Fire)
86.Enjoy the ride (Morcheeba)
87.Lost in a dream (Gretchen Parliato)
88.Love is in the Air (standart)
89.Kiss me (No Doubts)
90.Dont speack (No Doubts)
91.What do you want from me (Adam Lambert)
92.Imagine (Beatles)
93.Let it be (Beatles)
94.Lost (Coldplay)
95.Hardest part (Coldplay)
96.There is a light that never go down (Smiths)
97.La Bamba (Mexokam Traditional)
98.Dont cry for Louie (Vaya Con Dios)
99.Hands Up (Ottawan)
100.Stop (Sam Brown)
101.Take on me (A-HA)
102.Ain no sunshine (Bill Wothers)
103.Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (The Andrews Sisters)
104.Love (John Lennon)
105.Woman in love (Barbara Streisand)
106.Conga (Miami Sound Machine)
Guitar +minus:
1.Tiko Tiko (Abreau)
2.Only time (Enya)
3.Blues in A moll
4.Instrumental in G moll
5.Instrumental in D
6.Europe (Santana)
Guitar solo:
1.Panaderos (Paco De Lucia)
2.That is the spirit (Tommy Emmanuel)
3.Lewis and Clark (Tommy Emmanuel)
4.Those who wait (Tommy Emmanuel)
5.Fuoco (Roland Dience)
6.Romans (A.Gomes)
7.Tango en sky (Roland Dience)
8.Un Dia De Noviembre (Leo Brouwer)
9.Suite ? 1 in D (Bach)
10.La Catedral,Lento (Barrios)
11.La Catedral,Andante (Barrios)
12.La Catedral,Allegro (Barrios)
13.Mercy Mercy Mercy (G.Zavinul)
14.Danza Brasilera (Moreu)
15.Variationes Brilliantes (F.Sor)
16.Arab Capriccio (F.Tarrega)
17.Minueto Del Majo (F.Moreno-Torroba)
18.Legend (I.Albenis)
19.Greensleeves (old folk song)
20.Fur Eliza (L.V.Beethoven)
21.Country (folk)
22.Romans (R.Bartolli)
23.Prelude in C moll (A.Barrios)

Chromatic harmonica+minus:

1.Dream a little Dream (Caro Emerald)
2.Top of the world (Carpenters)
3.Can not take my eyes off you (Dean Martin)
4.Lullaby of birdland (Ella Fitzgerald)
5.Can You feel (Elton John)
6.Tears in heaven (Eric Clapton)
7.What a wonderful world (Armstrong)
8.Fly me to the moon (Frank Sinatra)
9.Moon river (Sinatra)
10.My way (Sinatra)
11.The girl from Ipanema (Sinatra)
12.Over the rainbow (Glee Cast)
13.Bridge over trouble water (Simon and Garfunkel)
14.Yesterday (Beatles)
15.Hey Jude (Beatles)
16.You are not alone (Jackson)
17.I will return (Lorak)

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