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Duo Flute Piano 054
Kiev, Ukraine


Date of birthday: 04.06.1982
Age: 27
Country: Ukraine
Marital status: Single


National musical Academy (artist of orchestra, concert Perfomance, Teacher of flute) 2001-2006
Musical college named after Glier (artist of orchestra, concert Perfomance,Teacher of flute) 1998-2001


Hotel al Bustan Palace Intercontinental, Oman, Muscat October 2009 - April 2010
flutist in the chamber ensemble: piano, violin and flute (trio "Scherzo")

Hotel Sheraton Walker hill, Seoul, South Korea, Febraury - June 2008
Flutist in the chamber ensemble: guitar, violin and flute

Hotel Shilla, Seoul, South Korea, June 2007 - February 2008
Flutist in the chamber ensemble: piano, violin and flute

Hotel Ritz Carlton, Seoul, South Korea, September 2006 - March 2007
Flutist in the chamber ensemble: piano, violin, flute and vocal

Artist of the orchestra of the National Philarmonic. September 2008 - June 2009

Artist in the symphonic orchestra of the National radio company of Ukraine, November 2006 - February 2007.
Orchestra's artist of the national theatre of Operetta. 2006


Laureate of the III Prize in the International Competition "XXI Century Art", Kiev - Vorzel /Ukraine/, 2002



Date of birthday: 01.02.1985
Age: 25
Marital status: Single


National musical Academy (concert Perfomance, Teacher of piano) 2003-2009
Magister in Piano Concert Performance, Teacher of Piano) June 2009
Master in Piano (Concert Performance, Teacher of Piano) June 2008
Bachelor in Piano (Concert Performance, Teacher of Piano) June 2007
Specialized Music Boarding School named after Lisenko, June 2003


Kiev Junior Arts Academy named after Mikhail Chemberji (Teacher of piano) October2009 - June 2010
Perfomance of classical and popular music at different venues.


Laureate of the in the International Competitions: Glubchice/ Poland/1994; Bukharest/ Romania/ 1996, Prague/ Czech Republic/1997; New Brunswick/ Canada/2000; Kiev - Vorzel/ Ukraine/ 2001.



Adajio- Albinoni
Air "Esurientes implevit bonis" (J.S. Bach)
Air D-dur (J.S.Bach)
Aisha's dance (K.Karaeff)
Alegretto (Magic flute) (W.A. Mozart)
All I ask of you- A. L. Webber-
Anitra's dance (E. Grig)
Aria di Cherubino (W.A Mozart)
Ave Maria (J.S. Bach-Ch.Gouno)
Ave Maria- F. Schubert-
Barbero de sevilla (G.Rosini)
Barcarole (P. Tschaikowsk)
Canon in D (J.Pachelbel)
Canon- Pachelbel
Caro mio ben (T. Gordani)
Con te partiro (F.Sartori)
Concerto in a minor (A.Vivaldi)
Czardasz (V.Monti)
Eine kleine Nachtmusik (W.A Mozart)
Fine rosemary (F. Krejsler)
Flamenco (A.Krain)
Flower's waltz (P.Tschajkowsky)
Fruhlingslied (F.Mendelsohn)
Gavotte (F.J.Gossec)
Habanera (G. Bizet)
Habanera- G. Bizet
Hungarian dance (J.Brams)
Konzert D-dur (W.A Mozar)
Konzert G-dur (W.A Mozart)
La Cinquantaine (G. Marie)
La fille aux cheveux de lin (C. Debussy)
La primavera (A. Vivaldi)
La Primavera- A. Vivaldi- La Primavera
L'Autunno (A.Vivaldi)
Le Cygne (C.Saint-Saens)
Love dreams (F.List)
Lover's wounds (F.Krejsler)
Love's greeting (E.Grieg)
Meditation de "Thais" (J.Massenet)
Melisanda (J. Sibelius)
Melody (A.Dvorzhak)
Melody (M.Skoryk)
Melody (Orpheus) (K.V. Gluk)
Melody (P.Tschaikowsky)
Menuet (A.Shnitke) and etc.
Menuett (W. A Mozart)
Minuett (L.Boccherini)
Minuett- L.W. Beethoven
Moonlight (C. Debussy)
Moonlight Sonata (L.v.Beethoven)
Night Serenade (1,2,3,4 parts) - W.Mozart.
Nocturn cis-miner (F. Chopin)
Nocturn e-miner (F.Chopin)
Nocturn Es-dur (F.Chopin)
O sole mio! (E.Di. Capua)
Oblivion- A. Piazolla
Pleasure of love (F. Krejsler)
Radetzky march (J.Schtraus)
Return in Sorento (E. Curtis)
Reverie (C.Debussy)
Santa Luchia (EA Mario)
Seguidilla (G.Bizet)
Serenada (?. Hachaturyan)
Serenade- F.Shubert
Sicilienne (G. U. Faure)
Skerzo (J.S.Bach)
Sleeping beauy(P.Tschajkowsky)
Snowdrop (P.Tschajkowsky)
Solveid's song (E.Grieg)
Solveyg 's song- E.Grig.
Sonata F-dur (G.Gendel)
Spring voices (J.Schtraus)
Standchen (F.Schubert)
Swan- K.Sen
Symphony N 40 G-miner (W.A. Mozart)
Tamburin (F.J.Gossec)
The potpourri from waltzes (J.Schtraus)
Triova sonata D-dur (G.Ph. Telemann)
Turkish March (W.A.Mozart)
Turkish rondo (W.A Mozart)
Vals de Musetta (G. Puccini)
Viennese Waltz (J.Schtraus)
Vocalise (Rachmaninoff)
Vocalise op.34, N.14 (S.Rachmaninoff)
Walts cis-miner (F.Chopin)
Waltz ("Maskarad")(A.Hachaturyan)
Walzs h-miner (F.Chopin)
?h, beautiful may! (J.Schtraus)

Jazz music, Music from musicals, pop music

A toi (J.Dassin and J.Baudlot)
A love idea (M. Knopfler)
A man and women (F.Lai)
A time for us
A time for us (N.Rota)
A whole new worlld (A.Menken)
All I ask of you (Phantom of the Operai)
All in piano
Alouette (A.Ramires and P. Moria)
Angel of music ("Phantom of the opera") (Ch.Hart and L.Webber)
Ann of the 1000 days
Any dream will do (A.Webber)
Around the world (V.Young)
As Time Goes By (H. Huppfield)
Au bord de la riviere (P.Senneville and O.Toussaint)
Balada (G.Garanjan)
Ballade pour Adeline (P. Senneville)
Cavatina (S.Myers)
Charade (H. Mancini)
Chariots of fire (Vangelis)
Chi mai (E.Morricone)
Chim chim cherr-ee (R.M. Sherman & R.B. Sherman)
Cinema "Angelica" (M.Magne)
Cinema Paradiso (E. Morricone)
Clara's lullaby (G.Gershwin)
Come and sing praises (M.Chapman & G. Massanari)
Couleur Tendresse (P.Senneville and O.Toussaint)
Dark eyes (russian song)
Dear Heart (H.Mancini)
Ebb tide (R.Maewell)
Et si tu n'existait pas (J.Dassin and J.Baudlot)
Feelings (M. Albert)
Feelings (M.Albert)
Greensleeves (traditional)
Histoire d'un reve (P. Sennevile)
How soon (H. Mancini)
I have a dream (B.Andersson and B.Ulvaeus)
I play a jazz (G.Sasko)
Il ferroviere (C.Rustiche)
It is very a pity to me
Jardin secret (P. Senneville)
Jazz etudes (M. Dvorzhak)
Jealous (J.Gade)
Joanna (H. Mancini)
Jours en France (F.Lai)
Ladi Di (P. Senneville and J.Baudlot)
Lalele (T.Popp)
L'Amour Exille (O.Toussaint)
Le went, le cri (E.Morricone)
Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (M.Legran)
Les dernies jours d'Anastasia (P.Senneville and J.Baudlot)
Les Fleurs Sauvages (P.Senneville and O.Toussaint)
L'Heure Bleue (O.Toussaint)
Liber tango- A. Piazzola-
Libertango (A.Piazzolla)
L'Ocean (O.Toussaint)
Love is blue
Love story (F. Lai)
Maktub the law of the desert (E.Morricone)
Melody (Winter Cherry) (V. Dashkevich)
Memori (L.Webber)
Memory ( Cats)
Moon river
Moun river (H.Mancini)
My tender and gentle animal (movies) (E.Doga)
My way
Nostalgy (O.Toussaint)
O sole mio
Oblivion (A.Piazzolla)
Oh, girl! (ukrainian folk song)
Once upon a time in the west - main theme (E. Morricone)
Only you (B.Ram & A.Rand)
Over the rainbow
Padam, Padam (Ch.Dumon)
Por una cabeza (C.Gardel)
Por una Gabeza- C. Gardel
Scarborough fair (english folk song)
Schindler's list (J. Williams)
Slow hot wind (H. Mancini)
Smoke gets in your eyes
Smoke gets in your eyes (J.Kern)
Sous le ciel de Paris (H.Giraud)
Speak softly Love (N.Rota)
Summer time (G.Gershwin)
Sunrise Sunset (J.Bock)
Take five (P.Dezmond)
The music of the night ("Phantom of the opera") (Ch.Hart and L.Webber)
The shadow of your smille (J.Manger)
The way we were (M.Hamlisch)
The windmills if your mind (M.Legran)
Theme from "Love affair" (E.Morricone)
Think of me ("Phantom of the opera") (Ch.Hart and L.Webber)
Time to say good bye- A. Boccelli-
To my love (H. Mancini)
Toccata (G.Rolland)
Triste Coeur (P.Senneville)
What a wonderful world (D.Weiss & G.Douglas)
When you wish upon a star (L.Harline)
Yesterday (J.Lennon & McCatney)

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