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Classical Duo 1288
Simferopol, Ukraine

Education: graduated in 1992 from the Simferopol musical college with specialization - orchestra performer. In 2005 she graduated Kievsky university of Arts.
Experience: music theatre for two years and soloist and concertmaster of the folk choir "Tavriya". Teaching violin in music school.

Education: graduated from Donetsk conservatory in 2002.
Experience: teaching piano for five years. A concertmaster of Simferopol music college.


G. Gershwin. Man I lowe
J. Mandel. The Shadow of Your Smile
Er. Garner. Misty
G. Miller. Moonlight
D. Raksin. Laura
H. Carmichael. Star Dust
D. Tiomkin. The Green Leaves of Summer
B. Strayhorn and D. Ellington. Just A-sittin, and A-roskin,
S. Fain. Love is a Many Splendoured Thing
Er. Burnett. My melancholy Baby
R. Rodgers. Spring is Here
E.A. Swan. When Your Lover has Gone
G. Cory. I left My Heart in San-Francisco
L. Bernstein. Tonight (from “West Side Story”)
H. Warren. The More I see You
I. Jones. It had to de You
H. Mancini. Moon River
J. Kern. Stoke gets in Your Eyes
Sapakate - “ Gipsy tunes ”
Bokkerini - 6 sonatas
Mozart - easy sonatas - I and II volume
Shopen - Nocturnes Preludes
Beethoven - Sonata 14 ("Lunar") I a part
Tchaikovsky - "Melody"

I.Frolov - "Divertisement"
Frolov-Core "Smoke"
Frolov-Joplin "Joke-souvenir"
Frolov "Romance"
Frolov “ the Cuban dance ”
The Mexican song “ Besame mucho ”
Gipsy melodies "Gipsy-prime-minister"
The Greek melody “Sertake”
Vel'el'do “ the Argentina tango ”
A.Pjatstsolla “ In beat a tango ”(7 tangoes)
A.Pjatstsolla "Spring"
A.Pjatstsolla "Summer"
A.Pjatstsolla "Autumn"
Denepu of "Chorus"
Denepu “ Autumn chorus ”
Denepu "Lark"
I.Albenis "Tango"
Frolov “ Memoirs on Cuba ”
Frolov “ the Cuban song ” Joplin “ Morle hat rag ”,“ Original rads ”,“ Careless lucky beggars ”,“ The entertainer ”
S.Aznavur “ I yesterday was young ”
S.Aznavur "Bohemia" from an opera “ Monsenior the Carnival ”
S.Aznavur “ To die of love ”
S.Aznavur “ my Light ”
S.Aznavur "It"
S.Aznavur “ I know only you ”
S.Aznavur “ You again to me has returned ”
S.Aznavur “ the Street song ”
S.Aznavur “ I have not noticed , how have passed time ”
S.Aznavur “ We still shall meet ”
L.Rid, B.Mejson “ the Farewell waltz ”
S.Lippmen “ Early to us still to love ”
Sherven “ Who spends you home ”
R.Rodzhers "Moon"
M.Vejn "Novel"
U.Donaldson “ Yes. I am enamoured in a crumb ”, K.Kejsi,
M.Pinnard “ Georgia Brown ”
Dj. Gershwin “Suonni”
Dj. D.Kern “ trusted Nobody ”
N.Baez-Noruort “ the Moon, the moon, come more soon ”
U.H.Penn “ the Flower ”
L.Rid and B.Mejson “Dilayla”
Valdes “Olgere”
E.Lekuona “ Dance of the negress ”
H.Ankerman “ the Song washing-it you ”
Arturo Gerra “ Black eyes ”
L.Dentsa “ On a swing ”, "Return"
A.Obuhov "Gate"
A.Abaz “ Morning foggy ”
Varlamov “ At dawn you it do not awake ”
A.Rybnikov “ I you never shall forget” from a rock opera
Gipsy songs “ That this heart ”
Gipsy songs “ What for was to fall in love ”
Gipsy songs “ As a flower fragrant ”
A.Jurev “ Hey, the coachman!”
M.Bakalejnikov “ It is insulting, annoyingly ”
Gipsy song “ Ex, time!.. Once again!.. ”
Julia Hajt “ Former tunes ”
I.Brams “ Hungarian dances ” 1, 5, 6, 20, 8
A.Shnitke “ the Suite in ancient style ”
Vivaldi "Seasons"
D.Kachchini “ Ave maria ”
Rimskiy-Korsakov “ Flight of a bumblebee ”
S.Kardilo “Katari”
R.Sarsoso "Farewell"
V.Chaara “ Proud charm of a bearing ”
National Armenian songs "John Brown",“ Native open spaces ”,“ Bills fight ”
I.Shtraus "Waltzes"
I.Brams "Waltzes"
Glenn Miller “ Serenada a solar valley ”
Didier lockuood “Haf”
Henn Miller “ Chattanjjda choo choo ”
John Kander “Cabaret” from “Cabaret”
Francis lai “Melodi” from “Emmanuelle”
L. Oliveira “Melody” from, Jhe Sandpit Generals
Francis lai “ love story ” frem, love story ”
Michel legrand “ f will wait for yon ” from “ les parapluies de Cherbourg ”
Maurice Jarre “Waltz” from “ Doctor Zhivago ”
Ninj Rota “ A time for us ” from “ Romeo and Juliet ”
Jerru Herman “ Hello, Dolly! ” from same name musicfl ”
K.Margan the Melody “Bimbo”
Kheller, Sheridan and Whether “ Kiss me ”
B.Kempfert “ Again and again ”
M.Nikolaevsky "Ms. Evelin"
B. Andersson, S.Anderson, B.Wvaeus
E.Lloyd Weber “Memory” from, Cats ”
Sviridov "Romance" to Pushkin's story
M.Tariverdiev "Memoirs"
T.Albinoni "Adagio"
A.Pjatstsolla "Tango"
F.Betti it is good"
Z.Kosma “ Fallen down leaves ”
Manuel Ponce “Estrellita”
M.Blanter "John Grej"
I.Storoni - the Brazilian tango
Lenon fnd P.Mc. Cartnry “Michelle”
Lenon fnd P.Mc. Cartnry “Girl”
Lenon fnd P.Mc. Cartnry “ Yellon submarine ”
Lenon fnd P.Mc. Cartnry “ When i, m sixty-four ”
Lenon fnd P.Mc. Cartnry “ Let it be ”
Lenon fnd P.Mc. Cartnry “ Au my loving ”
Lenon fnd P.Mc. Cartnry “ Andibove her ”
Lenon fnd P.Mc. Cartnry “Ob-la-da”
L.Dentsa “ Marvellous eyes ”
M.Legran “ Wings of mills ”
D.Gershvin “ I feel a rhythm ”
C.Chaplin “ the Mandoline and love ”
V.Jumens “ Tea together ” from a musical “ Is not present, no...”
C.Chaplin "Spring" from “ King in New York ”
C.Chaplin "Festoon lightings"
J.Bauze “ Cannot be loved more strongly! ”
From E.Piaf's repertoir
M.Mono “ Is not present S.Djuman, I about what I do not regret ”
From repertoir Adriano Celehtano
S.Kutuno "Hours"
It is obvious" S.Kutuno
S.Kutuno “ Time leaves ”
P.Konte “ the Sky blue ”
V.Valle and I.Uazan “ the Lock on sand ”
K.Svoboda “ Paganini's Violin ”
K.Svoboda “ Meet spring ”
I.Kolin “ the Sail color ”
B.Ondracheni “ With whom you now? ”
L.Pipart “ At times evening ”
N.Gljanzber “ Greater parkways ”

Russian national songs
“ When would have golden mountains ”
“ Here on a way village big ”
“ Steppe yes steppe around ”
“ Lengthways on Petersburg ”
“ Charming eyes ”
“ There lives my beauty ”
“ Month ” shines
“ A thin mountain ash ”

The Ukrainian national songs
“ Black eyebrowes ”
“ Night monthly ”
“ You have told ”
And others...

Waltz from an operetta “The Cheerful widow” F.Legar
Song Silva's from an operetta “Silva” I.Kalman
Aria Radzhami from an operetta “Bayadera”
Duet Marietta and Lui-Filipa I.Kalman
Song of Maritsa from an operetta "Maritsa"
Aria of Mr. Iks from an operetta “Princess of circus”

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