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Folk Band 7255
Moscow, Russia

Folk group organized in September 2004. Initially it was a vocal trio, but since 2010 the team has grown to seven people.

The team of 7 people (5 girls and 2 boys). All team members have special higher education (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Perm, Yekaterinburg).


The Group is the winner of the 1st prize National Competition "Stone Flower" (Bratislava), the winner of the All-Russia festival "Folk Spring" (Moscow), the winner of the 1st prize International Competition "Commonwealth Cup - 2009" (Sevastopol), I Prize laureate international competition "Dance and Sing young Russia" (Moscow 2013). Since 2006, the team works at the Ural State Variety Theatre (hereinafter UGTE). In October 2007, the team took part in the television project" STS lights superstar." In November 2007, while still a vocal trio, released their first CD titled "I did not know , young", which was presented at the Variety Theatre. Group participated in the International Festival of world-musik "Emerald City" (2007, 2009), Russian festival peals (Kamensk-Ural 2011, 2012), Russian Festival "Rock ethno-stan" (Ekaterinburg 2010), the winner of I Award of "Dance and Sing young Russia".

Concert activity:

1. Day in Yekaterinburg (2004, 2005, Historic Square)
2. Opening urban Firs (29.12.2004, Bratislava)
3. Jubilee concert artistic director of the ensemble of folk instruments "Ayushka" Honored Artist of Russia, winner of the Governor's Award - V.A.Zykina (21.02.2005, Philharmonic)
4. The 100th anniversary of the business club "Rotary" ( 25.02, 2005., Hall. Makletsky)
5. Gala concert dedicated to the 7th annual contest "Woman of the Year" (2.03.2005, Palace of Youth)
6. Collaborate on writing songs Ural composer ES Schekaleva for its anniversary , which took place on November 15 at the Ural State Philharmonic, People's Artists of Russia - II Permyakov and SA Komaricheva
7. Inuaguratsiya president business club "Rotary" (Chamber Theater, June 2005)
8. Admission Boris Yeltsin for volleyball on " Cup of the Urals" (July 2006)
9. Children charity Trees (Bratislava, Palace of Culture. Gagarin, January 2007)
10. Admission Commander Ural Federal District (February 2007)
11. Jubilee Governor of Sverdlovsk region E.E.Rosselya
12. Participation in the TV show "STS lights superstar"
13. Inauguration Sverdlovsk Region Governor Alexander Misharin
14. Gala concert of the "charm of Autumn", which was attended by Russian President DA Medvedev (2011)
15. The 100th anniversary of the Tchaikovsky Music School in Sverdlovsk
16. Closure of the International Film Festival "Family Circle" (2012)
17. Opening Russian Festival "Northern Lights" (Yugorsk 2012)

Musical Influences:

1. Authentic folklore
2. Avant-folk (folklore combined with modern musical trends - the avant-garde, jazz, etc.)
3. Pop-folk (folklore combined with modern pop rhythms, arrangements)

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