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Dancer 2657
Barnaul, Russia

Date of birth: 07.01.1985
Height: 169 sm
Weight: 58 kg

Work experience:
2002-2003 Big Moscow circus in pr. Vernadskogo, artist of balet
2003-2005 National circus of Ukrain, artist of balet
2004 Romania, Byharest artist of akrobatik Baiker show
2005-2006 Taiwan, Hualien ocean park, artist of balet
june-oktouber 2006 Tyrkey, choreographer in otel "Baia Bodrum"
may-september 2007 Tyrkey, choreographer in otel "Isiss"
2008 Tynisia, otel "Venus", choreographer
2009- june 2011 Tynisia, choreographer of balet school from the Ministry of culture Tunisia

Education and training:
1991-2000 children's balet school, city Barnaul, Russia
2001-2003 The Altay state academy of arts and culture, speciality a modern choreography

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