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Dancer 2815
Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Date of Birth: October 11, 1986
growth - 167 cm,
weight - 45 kg

Education: Belarusian university of physical culture and sport

Experience and length of service:

- 2006 - Tunisia: teacher of yoga and Pilates, show ballet
- 2007 - Turkey as a part of the show ballet (the modern directions of dance), in parallel teaching.
- 2008-2010 - theatrical campaign of "Starcruises", a tour for Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Fillipins)
- 2010 - courses of instructors in the Belarusian university of physical culture and sport, the official certificate
- 2010 to the present - the teacher of modern dance and rhythmic gymnastics at children, Pilates, yoga and a strechting for adults. Participation in the Eurofest festival (gymnastic show).

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