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Show Ballet 1957
Kiev, Ukraine

Dance group was established on March 1, 2008. At this moment in the repertoire of ballet consist of 25 costumed numbers, allowing the program to work 75min. There are many different styles of horeography
in our repertoire: modern, folk stylized dances of nations of the world, dancing Review (antre)
contemp, jazz and others. Ballet works in the cities of Ukraine and abroad, training and
rehearsals take place in Kiev, Ukraine. Currently, in the ballet works 1 (2) guy and 5(7)
girls, which varies according to the request of the employer and in consultation with the leaders
of the ballet. All team members have passports and speak English in middle and high levels.
Experience of team work in Ukraine: regular performances in nightclubs and restaurants in the
city of Kiev (the restaurant "New Earth" club "Excalibur", "Sakvoyazh", "Dictator" and others)
and other Ukrainian cities: Feodosiya the "Equator", Ivano-Frankovsk "Eldorado", Chernovtsy
"USSR" and others. Also have experience with vocal performerr at corporate parties and
exhibitions. Experience the ballet abroad: Turkey Hotel "Golden Beach", Lebanon TV "Mission
Fashion", Dubai hotel "Moscow", Taiwan, the night club "Super Star", India - extra show,
South America-Princess casino, Africa-Pasha group casino. Malaysia - hotel Colmar Tropicale.
China - club.


1.Salsa, 2. Antre, 3.Tango, 4.Waltz, 5.Broadway, 6.Kan-Kan, 7.Viva, 8.Kontemp, 9.Silver,
10.Western, 11.Shamans, 12.Sheila, 13.Belly dance, 14.Seaman, 15.Gypsy dance, 16.Russian
and 17.Ukrainian dances, 18.Latino, 19.Lyrycal, 20.Gambler at cards, 21.Pretty women,
22.Mambo, 23.Black samba, 24.Crazy jumpers.25.Spanish, 26.Chikago

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