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Rio Carnival Parade
Eskilstuna, Sweden

Opening (5 minutes) Carmem Miranda/ Rio carnival parade with acrobatic.
Maculele roda(4 min) maculele is a traditional dance from Brazil that has its origin from the slaves. The dancers use white sticks in their hands and dance with a lot of acrobatics, live music.
Frevo (3 min) A folclore dance from Brazil where the dancers dance on their toes and heels with an umbrella on their hands.
Maculele coreography (3 min) the dancers use manschetts in their hands and dance to live drums.
Calypso (3 min) Calyso dance is inspired by the caribean dances. It has its origin in Trinidad and Tobago. A very colorful, happy and rytm filled dance. Calypso music is very important in the caribean folklore and popular music. Modern calypso is called soca.
Lambada couples (3.50 min) the forbidden dance! Sensual and playful dance that the audience screams for more
Puxada de rede (4 min) is a Brazilian folkcloric theatrical play that is used by many capoeira performances. The dance is based on a traditional Brazilian legend about a fisherman who goes out for fishing one night against his wifes persentiments and never comes back. His body is found the next morning eaten by the fishes and his friends carry the rest of his body for a traditional funeral on the beach.
Live music (3,50 min) African drums together with cuban inspired rumba
Samba Rio (3.20) coreographed samba style from Rio de Janeiro. With the beautiful costumes that are carachetristic for samba
Capoeira angola (5 min) Capoeira style called Angola. A lot of acrobatics near the floor. All movements are made very slow and low and with extrem presence
Axe/Pagode (3.35) dance style called axe and pagode. Axe is one of the most famous rythms from Brazil and it is originated from Bahia in Brazil. Axe is a mix of afro-caribean with marscha and calypso. Pagode is called the "baby of samba" because its movements reminds on the fast footwork of samba.
Afro Brazil (4 min) a really fast and beautiful afro dance from Brazil that is inspired by the african dance brought by the slaves to Brazil
Lambada couple (3,50 min) a traditional couple lambada dance, with all the turns and fast footwork
Live music (3,30 min) salsa and cumbia performed by 6 of our musicians/singers
African dance (4 min) African dance from west africa
Capoeira roda (5 min) A capoeira roda where several (12) ppl dance and play live instruments. Here you will find challenges between "crews" on acrobatics, side kicks, piruetts etc..
Samba Bahia (2,50 min) coreographed samba from Bahia
Bachata (4,05) A dance that has its origin in the the Dominican republic. We dance the italian inspired Bachata. Bachata on its best.
Live music with the participation of the audience
Lambada group (3,40 min) The forbidden dance performed on a coreographed group dance
Movie nostalgy (5 min) a dance made in honor of beloved performers Michael Jackson and Patrik Swayze. A mix of hip pop, break dance, jazz meets cha cha cha, merengue, salsa and mambo.
Carimbo (3,50 min) a folcloric dance from Belem, Brazil. This dance have influences from cumbia and merengue. This dance is performed by couples
Samba reggae (4 min) A "street samba" performed with live music
Zouk (3,50 min) Zouk is a lambada and kizomba inspired dance that has a lot of turns, lifts and sensuality
Lambaerobica (4,0min) a really fast dance, inspired by the 80'disco style. This dance is performed with a lot of energy.
Samba gafieira (3,50 min) ballroom samba performed by couples
Frevo/axe (4 min) a dance where we invite the audience to dance with us. Very appreciated by the audience on our shows
Capoeira (4 min) the fastest way of capoeira. High level acrobatics
Forro (3 min) the name forro actually comes from the english word "for all". It is a folclore dance that reminds very much of salsa. Its danced by couples. Forro has its origin in Calypso

Video clip in .WMV
Brazil show

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