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Dance Duo 9494
Lugansk, Ukraine

Year of birth:1987
Growth: 177 cm.
Weight: 70 kg.

Dance instructor for five years.
More than ten years of experience as a dancer.
Energetic, creative, and flexible, excellent coordination and sense of rhythm.
Deep knowledge of dance and related issues.
Uncommon stamina and confidence.

1991-2001 Elementary school
2001-2002 Computer Operator
2002-2005 Technical school "Banking"
2006-2012 Institute of Culture and Arts "Contemporary Choreography"
Work Experience
2002-2008 Dancer, Ukraine
2009-Dancer, Turkey
2010-Dancer, China
2012-Dancer, Korea
2012-2013 Dancer,Europe(Sloveniya,Sweden,Estonia)
2013-2014 Dancer,China

1 Ukr. "Winter B-boy gathering"-the best technique Breaking-Solo 2000
2 Ukr. (Obl. the Course. To break-dance)-2nd place Breaking-Team 2001
3, Ukr. (Donetsk Break - Dance League) - 2nd place Breaking-Solo 2001
4, Ukr. "The Battle of Kharkov 8" Best Foot-Work Breaking-Solo 2008
5, Ukr. (Chemp.Ukr in sports. Aerobics and fitness program, "Funk" 2nd Dancer 2008
6.Ukr."Upgrade" 2010 best dancer
7.Ukr. "Urban 3" 2011 2-Place (crew)
8.Ukr. "Battle Ring" 2008 3-Place (crew)

Dance,Break Dance, Hip-Hop, Music,Art,Djing

Year of birth:1988
Growth: 168 cm.
Weight: 46 kg.

School of choreography.
Courses of Accounting.

Work Experience:
2003-2011 Show-ballet "Fireworks" Ukraine
2011-2012 Show-ballet "Vatan" India,Delhy
Summer 2012 Dancer Turkey,Antalya
Winter 2012- spring 2013
Show-ballet "MANGO" Slovenia
Nova-Goriza casino "Perla"
Kranjska gora casino "Korona"
Estonia - Sweden Tallink Silja line Ship "Victoria"
Summer 2013 Show-ballet "MANGO" China, Ningbo "Dawei Qianhu Water Park"
tour 2013-2014 Show-ballet "MANGO" China
Summer 2014 Dancer Turkey, Antalya
2014 Dancer China, Baoding

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