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Dance Duo 9134
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date of Birth: 20/06/1984
I eigh : 50 kg.
Estature: 1.66 mts.

- 2010 Institute National College of Art, "Bachelor's Degree in Performance".
-Dance Classic
-Dance Jazz
- 2009 A graduate from the School Julio Bocca-Ricky Pashkus.
-1999-2001 Youth company musical comedy. Parana, Entre Rios.
-1995-1999 Provincial Seminary of ballet. Santa Fe.
-1989-1995 Municipal School of dance. Parana.

- Dancer in WEP. Worldwide Entertaiment Production. Billy Bones Turkey Tour 2014.
- "Cafe Tortoni". Ballerina of tango show. 2013.
- Eleonora Cassano Company. "Carmen", ''Tango de burdel, salon y calle'' (by Ana Maria Stekelman), "La Duarte" (by Silvia Vladimivsky ) y "Entre tangos y milongas" (by Gustavo Mollajoli). Tours in Spain, Italy, Turkey and the interior of the country. 2010-2012.
- "Projected", by Dario Vaccaro y Lois Grennfield. 2010.
- Commercials "McDonald's", to EEUU and Canada, Altana Films; "Hyundai" to EEUU y "Movistar" to Mundial 2010.
- "Estereotipos", Theatre Maipo. 2007.
- "High School Musical". Ballerina of the program of television. 2007.
- "El Fantasma de la Opera", by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Theatre Opera. 2009.
- "Manon", participation like reinforcement, ballet with Julio Bocca y Alesandra Ferri and the Municipal Ballet of Santiago of Chile-Theatre Opera. 2006.
- Professor of musical comedy, clascia dance and jazz dance.

Height: 1,68 mts
Weight: 60kg
Date of Birth: 20th April 1983

- Elementary school, San Carlos school of San Lorenzo's City.
- High school in E.E.M.P.A., Juana Azurduy of San Lorenzos City.
- Ballet: Teachers, Jairo Beitez, Guido de Benedeti, Ana Rosental, Lidia Segni, Hector Barriles, Zara Rezosko.
- Jazz and modern: Teachers, Veronica Mensegues, Fernanda Zvetas, Sergio Berto and Margarita Fernandez.
- Tango: Teachers, Leonardo Cuellos, Eduardo Gomez Couto, Lucas Arrietas.
- Argentine folk and malambo, teacher, Ariel Avalos.
Professional Experience:
- Company of Ballet and Contemporary Jairo benitez.
- Contemporary company Somos Tango.
- Company of modern dance Mileniun Dance.
- Dancer of Tango Cuarteto Show.
- Company Tango Romance.
- Ballet Argentino, Director Julio Bocca.
- Company Tango's sensation, Cafe Tortoni.
- Dancer of the reopening of Colon Theater.
- Ballet Metropolitano. Director Leonardo Reales.
- National Ballet of Sodre, Uruguay Director Julio Bocca.
- Company Eleonora Cassano.
- Royal Caribbean Dancer

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