Firenze, Italy

Year of birth 1993
HEIGHT: 1,70 m
WEIGHT: 63 kg

modern dance Image Dance in the school participating and winning in the first
years in various national and international competitions of Dance Show, dance sport discipline. In recent
years (since 2010) becomes part of his company "Nuova Compagnia di Firenze". Meanwhile studies
ballet, contemporary, hip hop in other schools as:
-Opus Ballet (Aurora Benelli, Katarina Lappin, Marilu Urciuoli, Ilaria Landi)
-Kaos Profession Dance
-Middle Studies Dance and Movement,
-CFP- Professional Training Course for dancers Electa Creative Arts in Teramo directed by .The choreography has been selected for the exhibition Dad'A 'Showcase
In 2013 he began his career as an aerial acrobat studying fCircus Libre.
Intensive aerial fabrics, straps, aerial hoop with school Dinamic, acrobat and
circus performer in Padel gym club in Alginet.
8th international internship Opus Ballet
10th edition DanzaEstate Balletto di Toscana
Pescara Dance Festival 12/19 July 2009
Pescara Dance Festival 2010
Pescara Dance Festival 2012

2019 - Dancer/acrobat for numerous events run by agencies and choreographers
2018 - Dancer/aerial acrobat of the show "Disney Circus Evolution" of "Air and Earth"/ Summer tour of the Animatour Resorts in Sardinia
2018 - Dancer/aerial acrobat of the show
2017 - Contortionista/Acrobata Aerea/dancer
2016 - Ballerina and Acrobat contortionist/ Dancer and acrobat at the circus company
2015 - Acrobat and dancer at Club
2014 - air acrobat and dancer
- Works As a dancer and aerial acrobat in the company "Arima Dansa" for the production of the musical "All that Broadways shows" in Valencia, Spain
- Dancer, contortionist, aerial acroabata, burlesque performer, girl image in various local,
agencies and events mainly in Tuscany including:
Wilde club, Space Club, Beach Club, Blue Velvet, Woodstock Mud,
- Tin Sound Garden i guest for Vice is Nice
- Model for body painting Tenuta La Querciola,
- Kaleido guest for Ricky le Roi and Luca Beijing,
- Ideal for guest Marathon Tango
- Host for Ferragamo Great Gatsby Party by Creative Events Veronica Bulgari Bellandi
- Guest Cabaret Workshop youth in Prato
- Burlesque performer and acrobatics for the evening "Moulin Rouge" in the local Blue Velvet
-1 prize in the competition "EXPRESSION" Dance at the Fair in the category of groups over
-Partecipa The exhibition METRO TALENT in Dance at the Fair with the company emerging "New
company of Florence "2013
-Guest with "New Company of Florence" in collaboration with the spectacle of Marco Masini
charity organized by "Wandering for Meyer" theater Obihall Florence
-1 prize in the competition in the category groups BALLET EX senior
-3 PRIZE competition SANREMO DANCE FESTIVAL 2013 in the category Senior Groups
-2 prize in the competition "Pescara Dance Festival" choreographed "Boing"
2010-4 classified dance show only adults 9 World Dance Championship Castiglioncello
2009 / 2008- 3 classified dance show only junior Italian Cup
2008- 3rd place dance show only junior e1 place dance show duo Junior World Dance Championship at
Pula- Croatia
2007-1 place dance show duo Junior World Dance Championship Rimini-Italy
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