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Dancer 9300
Samara , Russia

Date of Birth : 27.08.84
Height : 1.78m
Hair : Dark Brown
Eyes : Grey-blue
Weight : 55 kg
Shoe size : 38

- Secondary school 1991-2001, Samara, Russia. Diploma with silver medal.
- Ballroom school 1990-1994, 2003-2010, Samara, Russia.
- University of Economy 2001-2006, Samara, Russia. Honored diploma.
- Private and master classes by Dances and Fitness.

- Prizewinner of City Ballroom Dance competitions 2005-2006, Samara, Russia.
- Prizewinner of Competitions of Povolzhskii region 2006, Russia.
- Competitor of numerous occasions of Ballroom Dance from 2003-2010, Russia.
- Profession Model work on podium, photo sessions, advertisement on TV, shooting TV programs, concert programs, theatre performances, presentations, exhibitions, promotions Ceremonies of Reward 2003-2012.
- Prizewinner of numerous Competitions of Beauty and different kind of Forums 2005- 2010.

Professional Stage Experience
2004 World circus show "Triumph XXI century" by Mstislav Zapashnii, Russia.
2005-2008 Cruising show, Russia.
2008-2012 Belly dance show "TA-IS", Russia.
2010-2012 Cabaret "Monroe" Russia.
2011 Cruising show "Alexei Tolstoy" , Russia
2012 Royal circus show "FIVE CONTINENTS" by Giya Eradze, Russia.
2013-2015 Theatre New Tian Han Chenzhou City Performing Arts Center, China.

Choreographical Experience.
2004-2005 Assistant of Choreograph Competition of Beauty "Miss Samara 2004, 2005", Russia.
2004-2010 Choreograph by Model Agency "Samara Beauty" by fitness, dances, defile, Actor's Workmanship etc., Russia.
2005 Choreograph Competition of Beauty and Talents for Military service "Miss Military", "Cheers, Officers", Russia.
2006 Choreograph Festival of Fashion for children "Povolzhskii season by Alexander Vasiliev", Russia.
2006-2007 Choreograph Competition of Beauty "Miss Samara 2006, 2007", Russia.
2007-2008 Choreograph Competition of Ballroom dances for Russian Army "World guy 2007, 2008", Russia.
2010 Choreograph Competition of Beauty "Miss Samara 2010", Russia.
2014 Choreograph Competition of Beauty "Miss Football Baby 2014", China.

Television Appearances
2004-2010 local TV, Daily News, Translation the Competition of Beauty, reports and interview by Dances and Fashion, advertisement.
2006 New Year program "Moscow holidays", Russia.
2006 weekly program " Good Health", Russia.
2010 member of jury " Baby Fashion TV", Russia.
2013-2015 local TV and Press, Daily News, China.

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