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Solo Antipode 111080

Odessa, Ukraine

1 performer
- Antipode
- Led Show (umbrellas/poi/hoops/veils gymnastics show)

Year of birth-1995
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 56 kg

Laureate and winner of numerous international tournaments, as well as the Master of Sports of Ukraine in rhythmic gymnastics.

Graduated from the School of Circus Art at the Odessa State Circus under the guidance of Honored Artists of Ukraine and the USSR Sviridenko Vladimir Mitrofanovich and Tarasevich Svetlana Semyonovna.

2022-2023 MSC Magnifica
2020-2021 Shekera water circus
2020 MSC Magnifica, International Talent Agency Rising Stars
2019 Worked in clubs and restaurants in Odessa(Ukraine). Worked at events in Spain in February with "Antipode" performance.
In March worked as a member of the balloons show in Poland with the show "Antipode", led show, as an actress and dancer.
In April worked at events in Odessa (Ukraine) with the "Antipode" show, Cancan show, Led umbrellas/poi gymnastics show. From May to November working as part of the Dance Show in Antalya (Turkey) with the "Antipode" show and Led umbrellas/poi gymnastics show.
2018 Worked at various events in Odessa and the Odessa region (Ukraine) with the show "Antipode" and dance performances. Toured Slovakia and Poland as a member of the balloons show, with the show "Antipode",led show, as an actress and dancer.
2015-2017 Worked in the international circus "Chimelong International Circus" in Guangzhou
(China) with the show "Antipode", as part of the show ballet, as part of the clown reprise and air ballet on the belts.
2015 Worked on the program "Tibetan Yaks at the New Year's Carnival" (Ukraine) at the Odessa State Circus with the show "Antipode".

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