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Marionette Show 6841

Rust, Germany

2 performers
- Marionette show
They have a 45-55 min show

They worked for Star Cruises and Dream Cruises company. Also they worked in Europa Park, Germany

Musical marionette show in the genre of puppet comedy.
Resented as a round-the-world voyage, the performance is a combination of puppets, music and dance. The viewers will enjoy Mexican songs and Spanish Flamenco, they will see an
Oriental jealous husband and his Beauty dancing a seductive Belly Dance, a wild Gypsy Tabor, a languid Duo with a piano of the Epoch of Decadence, Rock-n-roll danced by Skeletons and many other funny and sometimes even romantic scenes.
Original idea, rare genre, artistically and technically perfect puppets and a really tough
rhythm will please even the most demanding and sophisticated spectators.
- 20 countries all around the world (Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China,
Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore,
South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Taiwan)
More than 80 international festivals (puppet theatres, circus art, variety art etc).