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Pop And Jazz Trio 2143

Havana, Cuba

They play different genders - Pop, Pop-Rock, Funk, Jazz, Bossa Nova and the Billboard Top 40's.

Trio experience
09.2019-01.2020 Different presentations on Tic Tac "Boquitas", Havana, Cuba
01.2019-07.2019 Jazz Cafe Snack Bar, Havana, Cuba
07.2018-03.2019 Melia Habana, Havana, Cuba
08.2018-02.2019 Parque Central Hotel, Havana, Cuba
08.2018-07.2019 La Bombilla Verde Bar, Havana, Cuba

Female, singer, flutist, pianist and director
Year of birth - 1992
Height - 164 cm
Weight - 46 kg

2012-2017 University of Art, Camaguey
1999-2012 Professional School of Music "Ernesto Lecuona"

07.2018 Director, singer, flutist Band, Havana
03.2018 Flutist in sextet, Havana
02.2018 Flautista y Vocalista with songwriter Ariel Diaz, Havana
09.2017 Flutist and Vocalist in septet, at community project
02.2017 Lead Vocalist and flutist in jazz quintet, at Real Cafe and Ruinas de Segarte, Trinidad
03.2016-10.2016 Flutist in Septet, at Casa de la Musica and Rincon de la Salsa, Trinidad
02.2016-12.2016 Singer of the duet, at the Jazz Cafe, Trinidad
08.2015 Flutist in different bands, Cienfuegos
04.2015 Flutist and Vocalist in band, Trinidad
02.2015 Flutist and Vocalist in different bands of traditional music, Trinidad
02.2014-08.2015 Professor of Solpheo, Professional School of Music, Sancti Spiritus
09.2012-08.2014 Professor of Piano, Professional School of Music, Sancti Spiritus

Female, percussionist
Year of birth - 1996
Height - 157 cm
Weight - 48 kg

2007-2015 Professional School of Music "Guillermo Tomas"

09.2019 Percussionist, Havana
07.2018 Percussionist and Vocalist, Havana
03.2018 Palace, Crown, Hard Rock, Mexico
03.2016-2018 percussionist and Vocalist, Havana
09.2015 percussionist on the band

Male, piano-keyboardist, singer, guitar player
Year of birth - 1991
Height - 172 cm
Weight - 62 kg

2006-2010 Art Instruction School & Quot, Eduardo Garcia Delgado & Quot.

2018 Pianist and Music Director, Havana
07.2018 Pianist and Vocalist, Havana
2017 pianist and Music Director, Havana
2016 Pianist, Havana
2015 Pianist and Music Director, Havana
2015 Pianist, Vocalist and Music Director, Havana
01.2014 Pianist and Music Director, Havana
09.2011-2013 Profesor of music in "Ruben Martinez Villena" High School, Havana