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Pianist And Singer 109602

Kazan, Russia

Year of birth - 1994
Height - 168 cm

2010-2014 student of music college for piano
2014-2018 student of the Kazan Federal University, teacher

2020.08-curently, a pianist and piano teacher at the Academy of Arts, Turkey
2020.01-202.08 a pianist and a keyboardist in the band, Russia
2019.11 a singing pianist in the Hotel Marriott, Jordan
2018.12-2019.06 a singing pianist in the Hotel, Japan / Rising Stars
2018 work as a vocal teacher
2018 a laureate of the third degree in the vocal competition
2015-2017 worked as a teacher in the children's music school 21 on piano
2017 Lodhi Hotel, in India, worked as a lobby pianist

She has experience of performances in restaurants and events in Russia.