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Female Pianist 7088

Dnipro, Ukraine

Pianist, Flute player
Year of birth - 1999
Height - 175 cm
Weight - 58 kg

2018 Present Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Music. M. Glinka Specialty "Pianist and flute player"
2014-2018 Kamensky music college Program Subject Area "Musical Art" Pianist

2017 Winner of the All-Ukrainian competition in Kiev for piano and vocal "Zymova Kazka"
2017 winner in the regional competition in the Dnieper on the Flute "Dneprovskie army"
2018 Grand Prix in the regional competition in Dneprodzerzhinsk on f-no "Muzykalnyy kaleydoskop"

2020 Pianist and flute artist in India
2019 Piano teacher in musical school, piano player in cover band
2018-2019 Work in India Flute Artist
2017-2018 Accompanist teacher in musical school
2016 Piano teacher in musical school
2015 Cover Band pianist