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Dance Duo 5530

Kryvyy Rig, Ukraine

Year of birth - 1986
Height - 172 cm
Weight - 53 kg

2003-2009 Finished Kryvyy Rig Economical University State Higher.

Work experience:
March 2019 "GEMINI" Cruise, Star Cruise company.
2018-Feb. 2019 "Virgo" Cruise. Star Cruise company.
Jun.2015 - Sep.2018 China , CTS, HK (Qingdao), Ocean Spring Resort
2014-2015 Worked on a small cruise in South Korea on the Yellow Sea. "Venus Cruise".
2012-2013 Worked Fitness instructor and teacher of dances in a fitness center "Sport Life".
01.08.2013-11.08.2013 Passed casting in the dancing show of "Royal Palace" of France, and was involved week in a rehearsal period.
In 2002 I was employed in a show ballet (Ukraine, Kryvyi Rig). During the years of work in Balet we toured over the whole Ukraine and a part of Russia and such countries as:
-Slovakia (Bratislava). We participated in the opening of the President Ball 2001;
-Austria 27.09.2005 - 15.01.2006;
-Armenia (Yerevan) 04.2007;
-South Korea 24.11.2009 - 24.06.2010.
2001-2002 Danced Go-Go in a night club (Ukraine, Kryvyy Rig).

Year of birth - 1992
Height - 183 cm
Weight - 75 kg

Sep. 2002 - May 2010 Russia. Buryat National choreographic College. Profession: Ballet dancer.

Work experience:
March 2019 "GEMINI" Cruise, Star Cruise company.
NOV.2013 - Feb.2019 "VIRGO" Cruise, Star Cruise company.
Feb.2018 - Sep.2018 Russia. Ulan-Ude City. Opera and Ballet Theatre.
Nov.1012 - Jan.2018 China, CTS, HK (QINGDAO) "Qingdao Grand Theatre" (Position: Soloist the Ballet)
Nov.2011 - Nov.2012 Russia. Ulan-Ude city. Opera and Ballet Theatre.
Nov.2010 - Nov. 2011 Russia. Ulan-Ude City. Military Unit 46/108
Jun.2010 - Oct.ZO1O Russia. Moscow city. "Russian Ballet of V. GORDEEV" (Positionz Ballet dancer, soloist.)
Also have experience in modern, neo ballet, ballroom dancing, magical tricks and classical teacher ballet.