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Juggler Solo 4050

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Clown, juggler and circus entertainer

Instituto San Bernardo, San Bernardo, Argentina, Argentina

January 2022-March 2022-Produced and performed/Performed as a clown and juggler
September 2021-November 2021-Clown, Juggler and Stilt Walker/"Haunted Circus
Miami"-Florida, United States
October 2019-March 2020-Performer; Co-producer - Buenos Aires, Argentina
January 2017-Current-Performed and still perform
January 2016-Current-Performed and continue to perform as roaming or ambience
entertainer in particular events for over 10 South Florida companies
January 2016-March 2019-Performer/"Circo A Cielo Abierto" [Performed as a Juggler]
April 2014-August 2015-Instructor's Assistant, Miami Flying Trapeze School,
Miami, Florida
January 2010-March 2015-Sound and Lights Technician, and General Assistant