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Juggler 3457

Rome, Italy

2021 International Circus Awards
2021 Metropolis Theater Denmark
2016-2019 The 7 Fingers
2019-2020 Strut&Fret Productions, Australia
2018 Contemporary Arts Museum, Chile
2012-2016 Royal Caribbean Cruises
2010 juggling act in duo, Circus and street arts convention

2021 Piccola Scuola Circo, Milano, Italy
2020-2021 Arts Academy Program, Chile
2020 FONDART, circus program "online", Chile
2018 Circus Workshop. Parc"La Villette", Paris, France
2018 Circus Workshop. Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong, China
2018 Movement Master class, School of Dramatic Art, Cordoba, Spain
2017 Cuerda Firme "circus to transform". Circo del Mundo, Chile
2009-2011 Classes of juggling as a tool for social integration, Lo Prado, Chile

Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences, Chile
El Circo del Mundo Chile - juggler
National Circus School of Montreal