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Clown Solo 7036

Kharkov, Ukraine

Year of birth - 1973

- 1985-1988: Circus School "CASKAD" (Truskavets, Ukraine)
General Circus Education
- 1988-1992: Academy of the Circus and the Show (Kiev, Ukraine)
Magic and Comic actor specialization
- 1996-2001: Institute of the Theatre (Kiev, Ukraine)
Circus Movie Director specialization

-2021-2022-France-La Paradis des Sources Music Hall, cabaret artist,comedian in the show.
-2021-England, English circus "CORTEX", circus artist, clowning.
-03.2021-04.2021-Ukraine. Kryvyi Rih State Circus. Goodwin Show Circus Program circus artist, clown.
-12.2020-01.2021?. Ukraine. Kharkiv State Circus. Circus program "New Year-time to smile", circus artist, clown.
-11.2019-12.2019 China, Kunming, Sunac Ocean park, work on the show as a director production team. Director.
-07.2019-10.2019 China, Beijing, Beijing Circus "HITEN" circus artist, clowning.
-02.2018-03.2018 Qatar."Aspire Winter Festival", festival circus, circus artist, clownery.
- 1994-2000: The State Circus Company of Ukraine: comedy artist
- 24/09/2001-27/03/2002: worked for one park in Taibei, Taiwan
- 01/03-30/10/2002: BIG CIRCUS "SAFARI" Tour on Ukraine
Clown numbers and artistic director
- 24/12/2002-06/01/2003: Park in Berlin, GERMANY
- 01/03-30/10/2003: BIG CIRCUS "IMPERIAL"
Clown with funny numbers and responsible for artistic
- 15/12/2003-25/12/2003: Big Galas in Berlin, GERMANY
- 01/03-30/10/2004: Artistic Director in BIG CIRCUS "IMPERIAL"
Circus Art
- 01/04-30/09/2005: Circus "OVACIA" (BELARUS)
Clown numbers
- 01/03-08/10/2006: Work in RUSSIA (clown artist)
- 01/12-30/12/04: Music-Hall Cap-Vert
- 01/12/2006-14/01/2007: Christmas Galas and Dinner Shows
Cap-vert, Dijon, FRANCE
- 01/04-30/09/2008: Circus "OVACIA" (BELARUS)
Clown numbers
- 20/11/2008-01/2009: Christmas Galas and Dinner Shows
Cap-Vert, Dijon, FRANCE
- 13/09/2009: Big Gala Concert in Dijon, FRANCE
- 15/04/2012-30/092012: Work in RUSSIA (clown artist)
- 07/10/2012-10/04/2013: Resort world Singapore. Festive Grand
Theatre, Magical Spectacular "INCANTO" (characters role-Jester)