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Clown Group 106492

Odessa, Ukraine

5-15 performers
Clown Show
Street Show

Clown Corporation bring you their dark and physical clowns from Ukraine, who took their inspiration from work at the Nouveau Clown Institute in Barcelona. A combination of music, dance and audience interaction, this project has been a long-running hit in Ukraine.

Theater BUFFON from 2011 - 2017 (Odessa, Ukraine)
Theater MASK SHOW since 2007 (Odessa, Ukraine)
International Clown Festival "Comediada" - Odessa, Ukraine (prize "The fool of first category" for directing) - 2011-2012;
"Planeta klounady" - Moscow, Russia;
"Bosporskie agony", theatre festival - Crimea, Ukraine;
"Mir Caravan" (Shusaku Takeuchi "Butterflies" show and Slava Polunin's "White Carnival" partisipant) - Moscow, Russia;
Gogol-fest - Kiev, Ukraine; Jango Edwards N.C.I. course and shows - Barcelona, Spain: Odessa International Theater Festival.