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Synchronized swimming job - synchro swimmers employment

The International Talent Agency "Rising Stars" present new employment opportunities for synchro swimmers. Job for synchro swimmers at cruise lines ships. Apply now and you may be among the lucky ones who benefit from employment aboard some of the biggest and most luxurious liners in the world. The cruise line provides a round trip flight from your home city to the ship and all accommodation plus amenities. We welcome inquiries from professional synchro swimmers worldwide.

All you need to do is send your photo and video portfolio by e-mail (synchro swimmers competition video and photo preferred) and we will promote you to our cruise line clients.

Applicants must show minimum 4 different regular positions that can be used to create seemingly infinite combinations. These are a few basic used ones:

-          Back Layout (the most basic position)

-          Sailboat/Bent Knee (similar to the back layout, but one knee is bent)

-          Ballet Leg (one leg is extended and held perpendicular to the body)

-          Flamingo (similar to ballet leg position where bottom leg is pulled into the chest)

-          Vertical (achieved by holding the body completely straight upside down)

-          Crane (while holding a vertical body position)

-          Bent Knee (one leg remains vertical while the other leg bends)

-          Split position (one leg is stretched forward along the surface)

-          Knight (the body is in a surface arch position)

-          Side Fishtail (side fishtail is a position similar to a crane)

We wanted synchro swimmers with experience in synchronized swimming.

We looking practiced professional synchro swimmers.

We start new catalog area for the synchro swimmers individual and synchronized swimming clubs. New catalog area is designed to provide production show with information, products and services designed to help you start and run the best synchro swimmers individual and synchronized swimming clubs. We hope to be able to help you create and run the best possible synchro swimming show program, which will improve the atmosphere and experiences possible for your audience.

We are currently looking and creating new synchro swimmers show products, but we will be adding articles and features on a regular basis so check back weekly to see what's new.  We have just barely started full filling our synchro swimmers individual and synchronized swimming clubs catalog area for the clients. Our mission is to provide the best job for synchronized swimmers and give access for clients to best synchro swimmers worldwide.

Originally known as water ballet, synchronized swimming began in Canada. It spread to the United States, where a display at the 1934 Chicago World's Fair drew rave reviews. Its popularity soared further when Esther Williams performed in a string of MGM "aqua musicals" in the 1940s and '50s.

It looks like perhaps the most effortless show event in the swimming pool, but there is more to synchronized swimming than what appears on the surface. Besides endurance, demanding strength, grace, flexibility and artistry, it requires special exceptional underwater breath control.

Unusual, but vital, equipment helps the synchro swimmers womens maintain the illusion of effortlessness, no simple task considering they perform strenuous movements upside down and underwater while holding their breath. Most importantly, an underwater speaker lets the swimmers hear the music clearly while underwater, helping them achieve the split-second timing critical to synchronized swimming.

If you are interested please feel the application form:

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