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Jobs available for Dancers, Ballroom Couples, Circus acts, Musicians, Bands, Special acts at cruise ships, casinos, hotels, theme parks and festivals around the world.

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Cruise Ship Dance Jobs, Auditions, Casting calls

6-12 months Contracts for Cruise Lines: NCL, Silver Sea, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Azamara, Seabourn, Cunard, Celebrity, Princess, MSC, P&O, Color Line. Largest Ships on the Seas.

Please submit your application using our form at Casting for Rising Stars

International Talent Agency "Rising Stars" Inc holds live audition for dancers with classical, contemporary and folk skills to work for International cruise companies in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, USA, Australia.

If you are interested please feel the application form:

Cruise Ship Casting Extreme Sports

Seeking the following performers for A high energy, multi-disciplinary-media show based in and around water inspired by extreme sports.

Please submit your application to [email protected]

Projected Rehearsal & Contract Dates:
Rehearsals Start: Mid-March 2016
Contract Dates: May 2015 – November 2016
*Dates are subject to change

Hand Balancing Duo (Male/Female)
•Unique Act with additional skill set preferred (i.e. Contact Dance, CaneBalancing, Aerial Acrobatics)
•Acrobatic technique and great movement required
•Female performer must possess great flexibility with grace and strength
•Duo must be willing to participate in creating a new act specific for this show

Slackline Performers (Male)
•Well versed in Trickline technique (Advanced Level)
•Also able to perform on a Highline at 17-18 Meters
•Floor acrobatics required

Synchronized Swimmers (Female)
•Strong dance technique on dry stage required
•Urban dance style preferred
•Capable to dive from 3 meters
•Height requirement: 5’6” and taller

Free Runners (Male & Female)
•Urban dance technique: Popping, Locking and Breaking preferred

Divers/Trampolinists (Male & Female)
•Seeking experienced 10 meter divers
•Additional Skills: Trampoline/Acrobatics preferred
•Dance and movement skills; urban dance experience preferred

High Divers (Male & Female)
•Able to dive from 17 Meters
•Red Bull/FINA experience preferred, but not required

Submission must include the following. Please do not apply without RECENT photos and Introduction interview.

1.Updated Resume/CV, to include height
2.Two RECENT(taken today) photos, front and back, in swim attire for fitness & tattoos check.
3.Video must include:
- One/two minute introduction interview. Give us an idea of your background/training and show your PERSONALITY!
Who are you off stage? Experience, results, hobby, etc.
- Performance/rehearsal footage of specific skills, movement on stage,performance capability – include all that may apply
- Please provide some form of dance/movement**Solo performances preferred. When submitting group performance footage, you must be clearly identified.

If you are interested to apply this position please fill the form:

Vacancy for astists performing aerial cradle act

We have an urgent vacancy for astists performing aerial cradle act from 19.03.2016 till 01.11.2016 with 217 days of performance.
Performance daily with no day off, up to three shows a day.

Salary - 6500 EUR per month.

If you are interested to apply this position please fill the form:

Dancer Animator For Turkey

We are lookıng for dancers for seaside Hotel in Turkey who can do anımatıon and sport activities during the working day.

Dates of contract: 15 February 2016 – 1 November 2016

Need persons who speaks English or German.

Daily job and daily working schedule: day activities/ dart, archery, volleyball, water gym, dance course, towel desk./

Evening job: evening dance shows.

We accept applications from Ballroom Dancers, Modern Dancers, Gym persons, Hıp-hop dancers, Cırcus performers, and kids club pedagogue.

Height: Slim Girls 165 -170 cm
Slim Boys -175-180 cm

Salary 850 - 1000 USD monthly.

Salary 850 - 1000 USD monthly.
Staying in staff house. Eating in the hotel restaurant.
Hotel provides: air ticket is two way, Visa, work permits, accommodation, food.

If you are interested to apply this position please fill the form:

The request for Harp Player to China

If you Harp Player and you looking for job please please fill the form:

Performance Details:
Able to play/sing songs in what language;
Song repertoire: (please give us a list);
Max No of sets of performance per day;
Salary per person per month;
Costumes & props included: Please include pictures;
Nationality of performer;
Flying to and from;
Measurements and height of performer;
Year of birth.

Dance casting for American Cruise ships in Kiev

Регистрация по ссылке:

International Talent Agency "Rising Stars" Inc holds audition for dancers with classical, contemporary and folk skills to work for International cruise companies.

The audition lasts one day with few interruptions and takes place in several parts. In each of these parts, choreographers (teachers of classical and contemporary dance) show and learn different dance fragments (composition) with the dances. Then, the dancers perform what they learned and choreographers select dancers who passed in the next round.

Dancers must have experience of classical dance and also must be trained on the basic directions of modern dance. Performing tricks in folk dancing are welcoming for boys.

Dancers must have a training suit and shoes.

After the dance competition there is a personal interview with each the finalist. Personal qualities are judging after the main dance skills.

The result whether you have a job or not, you can find out immediately after the interview either within the first two weeks after the audition (after seeing the video shot during the audition).

Other requirements:
- must possess a valid passport;
- knowledge of English (conversational level);
- height for boys is 170-182 cm;
- height for girls is 160-180 cm

The advisable monthly salary is 2400 USD - 2600 USD per person per month. Commissions is 10%.

Starting from the next contract/s the salary can be increased.

Contract term is 6-10 months. Sometimes longer.

Place of rehearsals is England & USA.

About the work:
Professionally trained solo dancers are gathered in an artist group, which includes not only dancers but singers. The dancers work during the evening shows, theater musicals in the liner (ship).
Costumes, shoes and own dance performances are not required for this work.
The dancers, who have signed a contract with an employer, go to the rehersals in England.
In England the dancers teach dance performances and special costumes are sewed for them.
During the training in England & USA air flights, accommodation and food is provided and paid for.
While working on the ship cabins (2 persons in one cabin) with all the facilities are provided.
3 meals a day for the staff in the restaurant or in the restaurant for guests (if invited by guest) is also provided. Drinks 24 hours only soft. It is not permitted to drink spirits at any time during the contract, only limited wine and beer.
Shows take place two to three times per week depending on the itinerary & as required by the Cruise Director. The shows can be performed up to three times per night, but usually only two. the contracts also include social duties.
When the ship piers in any country, artists and guests of the ship may go onto land and attend any of the countries (this allows special C1/D visa). All cast members (including singers) are required to complete IPM
In addition to the main dance work, the contract also provides assistance to staff of the ship - no more than 10 hours a week:
- Work in the library - assistance to the staff;
- Staff assistance while boarding and landing on a ship (collect and give back passports to the passenger). Performers must learn the special rules on security and be able to explain them to the new passengers, etc.
Insurance is provided and paid for by the employer.
Round-trip flight for dancers is also provided.

The employer does not provide: - transportation in Ukraine, Russia to the audition, at the Embassy, airport;
- payment of visa fees / costs of C1D visa will be returned on the Ship.

Dancing with the Stars Middle East will be going into its 4th season mid February 2016.

The show is produced by Iprod a Lebanese production house and aired on MTV Lebanon.
The show is currently one of the biggest hits across the Middle East.
As a production we utilise local dancers who speak Arabic and English. This helps with interviews and communication. This has proved very successful over the last 3 seasons.
Most of our dancers are on the 'small' to 'normal' height and the tall dancers we did have are no longer available.
We need to refresh the show which is why I'm contracting dance agencies about tall male dancers.
They have to speak very good English, be over 180cm and good looking.
We need 1 or 2 dancers depending on casting which will be done in December.

The show is filmed in Beirut (all large TV shows are made in Beirut; the voice, Arab Idol etc)
- the show runs for 12 live episodes approx mid Feb air date.
- The dancers would be needed for approx 6 weeks prior to the 1st show for training and group choreography
- the fee is approx $2500 - $ 3000 or higher per month. This will depend on the standard of the dancer. This I will assess if we move forward.
- top hotel accommodation
- flights
- PD for food
- insurance
- internal transport for training

Registration link:

Rising Stars 2016-2017 
video Dance audition/castings for Cruise Ships/ Casino/ Parks

1.    We are currently searching for male/female dancers with singing ability for a ship contract on a European Cruise Line.
Staff status: dining in passenger restaurants, allowance to go to all passenger areas like bars, shop, use spa, pool, etc. Accommodation: double cabin. Payment in Euros per month. ITINERARY: WORLD CRUISE (Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Central America, South Pacific Islands, Arabia, Caribbean)

If You are interested to get this job please submit Your information using the link below:

Just enter your email and receive information regarding all future castings into your email box:

2. We are searching for   the Featured Ballroom Couple for the Ship Contract. Couple will be scheduled to participate in rehearsals and performances of the Production Shows. Contract is 6 months. Couple shall be paid of $8,000.00- $8,800.00/USD/per month.

Please contact for more info:

3.      Seeking a  Featured Professional Exhibition Dance/Adagio Couple  for the Ship Contract   (Male and Female)  with an emphasis on Latin / Salsa Ballroom dance  for our Production stage shows. Must be sexy, dynamic,  professional, latin looking   with excellent partnering/ adagio skills, lifts, throws, turns and tricks. Contract is 8 months Advisable salary is $10,000.00- $11,000.00/USD/ per Duo per month. Please send pictures, resume/CV and video links to:

4.   We are looking for Rock/POP bands for Hotels/ Cruise Ships.  

The Client provides tickets, accommdation, 3 daily meals and work visa. If You are available and interested, please send your CV, promo photos and video to:

5.   We are interested in Commercial Dance Group ( if the show have Asian element will be great) & also Latin / Ballroom Dance Group (we prefer to have some group dance, instead of couple dance all the time).

To Please send your promo by email: [email protected] 

We are looking for a special act /Germal Weel, etc.

To join the Ship to perform in our Variety show that has an impactful 7 - 10 minutes and if possible some additional sets.

If you are interested please feel the application form:

We have vacancy for lady cocktail pianists for Norwegian ferries (2 open positions) from January for every next two months engagement new performers.

You must play nice quit instrumental music need to sing Not concert or heavy classical music, just lobby cocktail music.

7 days a week, none free day
6 x 45 min every day
every 2 months need new Lady
must be beautiful lady and to speak good English

If you are interested please feel the application form:

International Talent Agency “Rising Stars” and worldwide famous China Park looking forward for cultural folk dance group to propose an incredible work contract.

You will have opportunity not only to earn money but also attend an amazing country to make you experience wider and try something new. These memories will be with you whole your life.
If you have a strong desire, just note miss the boat.

To further information get in touch with our manager:

[email protected]
We are looking for a Germal Weel or Cyr Weel acts.

Cruise Ship Contract.

Contract conditions:
7 days a week, none free day, free board and lodging, arriving in Stockholm.

You must perform in production show, promenade and another places on the ship, good if the artist have another show as well as juggling, bike or similar.

The vessels are between Stockholm - Helsinki. Please confirm You do not need visa for Sweden and Finland.

If You are interested, please feel the form:
We are looking for a male Specialty Act (juggling, diabolo or manipulation act).

Cruise Ship Contract.

We are looking for dynamic specialty acts that execute a high level of performance with carefully crafted movements of ingenuity and wonder is what we’d like to see.
Specialty Acts must have a strong stage presence and be prepared with a physical act that has a distinct ability to amaze an audience.

If you are interested please submit the application form:
We conduct video casting, choosing the skaters for our clients (the cruise lines, AMUSEMENT PARKS).

Contract duration - 6-8 months.

If you want to get a deal, please fill our application form:
We are looking for musicians Male Band Vocalist(could sing cover/pop/rnb songs) and Female Band Vocalists(could sing cover/pop/rnb songs) for casino in hotel, Manila, Philippines.

The contract will continue 6 months.

You will have 2-3 sets of 45 minutes.

Flights, visa, food and apartament will pay employer.

If you are interesting, please, send me your promo materials with advisable monthly fee on:
We are looking for Dance group(jazz 4 female & 2 male) to perform at the Hotel&Casino Manila.

Contract term 6 months.

6-8 sets by 15 minutes per day.
2-3 different shows

The Client provide:
- round-trip tickets
- visas
- accommodation
- meals

If you are interested - please send your promotional materials - photos, videos, CV+ name of your acts and how long its with indicated advisable monthly salary to:

[email protected]
There are vacancies for Production Show Vocalists
to work on Cruise Ships

a. Production Show Female Vocalist

Location:At Sea Age:20+
Dates:Aug 25, 2015 - May 8, 2016

Production show vocalist. Versatility, excellent vocal technique, and a thrill for live performance are the qualities we’re looking for when it comes to our vocalists. Singers must be able to make the transition of taking the audience on a journey through the songs that inspired success on Broadway to the riveting pop sounds heard on the radio worldwide to a Cirque-style ethnic fusion rich in color and earthy in tone. Female vocalist should have a belt to D and soprano extension a plus.

b. Production Show Male Vocalist

Location:At Sea Age:20+
Dates:Aug 25, 2015 - May 8, 2016

Production show vocalist. Versatility, excellent vocal technique, and a thrill for live performance are the qualities we’re looking for when it comes to our vocalists. Singers must be able to make the transition of taking the audience on a journey through the songs that inspired success on Broadway to the riveting pop sounds heard on the radio worldwide to a Cirque-style ethnic fusion rich in color and earthy in tone. Looking for versatile male bari-tenors to G or tenors to A with some riffs, strong pop falsetto a plus.

If You are interested to get this job please submit Your information using the link below:

We have two current needs for Soloists /especially from England or South Africa/
to work at Hotel in Sharm Sheikh, Egypt as below:

- Female or male Soloists singer/musician for Sharm Sheikh for short contracts (from 1 to 3 months contracts). Accommodation inside Hotel with meals. Usage of swimming pool. Good Soloists can come back after couple of Seasons.

- Female or male Soloists singer/musician for a long contract of one year in Sharm Sheikh. Accommodation in staff residence with shuttle transportation. Meals in Hotel’s restaurant with laundry. Usage of beach and swimming pool.

If You are interested to get this job please submit Your information using the link below:

1. Looking for 6 traditional folk groups around the world from 6 different countries to perform at the Festival for the Shopping Mall in UAE. 8 to 10 dancers in each group. Each group will perform 6-7 days. Dates are from 28th of July to 5th of September 2015.

As this is a tender - please indicate the minimum fee for 6-7 working days for every your available group ASAP.

If you are interested please submit the application form:

2. Available vacancy for traditional folk groups to perform at the Parks in China. 6 months Contracts starting from June - July - August - Sep.- Oct. 2015 with possibility to extend the Contract.

Need traditional groups from different countries...especially from Latin America, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia.

8-10 performers in each group.

If you are interested please submit the application form:

Requested Roller Scating acrobats

We are looking for multi-talented duo or group for the upcoming show in Hotel, Hong Kong. Duo need to do TWO to THREE by 5-10 mins different stage acts: Roller Skating, Acrobatic, Gymnastics, Hula-hoops, Adagio, etc.

In addition there is also daily Meet & Greet photos opportunity or Crowd Participation for Main Lobby (similar like the opening greeting is circus but more freestyle to do the welcome greeting to the guests at Main Lobby including Balloon sculpture, juggling, clown act, close-up magic, etc.

4 – 6 months contract, optional to extend 2 – 4 more months subject to the performance quality, start date depend on the process on the production.

If you are interested please submit the application form:
3 months Contract to perform in 5 stars Resort Hotel in Mexico.
We have vacancy for a Female and Male Singer/entertainer with experience performing live, Ballroom Couple, Adagio Duo, Sand/Water Painter, Special Acts with wow factor.

Available dates:

April - June 2016 
July - Setember 2016 
October - December 
January - March 2016

Song book for singers with approximately over 200 songs, experience interacting with the audience. Stage presence, work crowds of all ages. If is possible experience working on a cruise ship as a performer or in Hotels. 

6 working days a week, 2 sets of music every night of 25 minutes to 30 minutes each set.

Hotel provide visas, airtkts, accommodation, 3 meals a day. You can use all facilities for the guests: swimming pool, GYM, etc.

If you are interested please submit the application form:

Entertainment jobs in the cruise line industry.

Professional Latin Ballroom Couple Wanted - jobs & careers

Please see for ballroom dance requirements. We are hiring all year round and for future dates.

Please submit your application using our form for ballroom couples

Cruise Jobs and Europien Cruise Ships Career Vacancies for a circus solo or Duo performers

We are looking for a circus solo or Duo performer/s with: pole act, handstand, aerial, German wheel, adagio, other circus acts. Contracts from 6 months up to one year. From a solo/duo we need 2-3 short spots /preferably different acts/, no duties but share cabin with another artist. If you are interested please submit your application using our form at Casting for Rising Stars

Dance Auditions Cruise Ships. Professional Dancers required

Did you know that you don't have to attend a live audition? If you have technical training along with a background in Jazz, Ballet, or Ballroom dance you can submit your promotional package to us online and we will present it to the leading cruise lines.

Production Show Dancer. We require experienced and technically trained dancers with a strong background in jazz, ballet, tap, partnering and Musical Theatre. Additional skills of gymnastics, ballroom and acting would be a bonus. Dancers should portray a toned, healthy physique and be well groomed at all time. Females must be between 5'2" and 5'9" Males must be between 5'8" and 6'3"

Salaries range from $1,800 to $4,500 per person, per month, depending on the position. Typically contracts are 6 months in duration. Dancers receive round trip air tickets and accommodation, all meals and medical benefits aboard the vessel. Specific details about this contract will be offered to those who are chosen by our clients. To leave a request, kindly fill form.

Please include in your video a variety of dance styles to include: Lyrical Jazz, Broadway Jazz & Contemporary Pop. "Contemporary jazz/funk choreography with strong technical control." Jumps, leaps turns, extensions all interwoven into contemporary choreography ala" SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE", "Fosse", "Dancin", Musical Theater, Jazz Dance , Lyrical, or contemporary / modern ballet choreography. "Across the floor" combination displaying choreography with battements, pirouettes (Jazz, classical or en attitude) and extensions with dynamic or lyrical technical control.

Cruise Line employment

Dancer/Tumbling tracks: Seeking dancers that tumble well.

Employment opportunities on cruise ships.

Pairs Figure Ice Skaters Job

Cruises Entertainment


Tumbler gymnast - tumbler gymnasts employment

Power Tumblers/Gymnasts

Cruise Ship Jobs-Shipboard job positions.

High diving job - high diver employment

High Divers: your highest, most impressive dive, plus any 10M and/or 3M dives you have. Include Comedy dives if you have them.

Be part of the production! Apply to audition for onboard shows

Synchronized swimming job - synchro swimmers employment

Synchronized Swimmers: Solo routines only please. Duos and Trios may be submitted as long as you identify which swimmer you are. Team routines may be submitted only if you are the swimmer being lifted or tossed. Please include footage of your eggbeaters traveling across a pool, arms held high, as well as footage of your vertical position for an extended length of time.

Cruise Line Entertainment Jobs.

Available positions for Cruise Ships Contracts

Seeking female hula hoop/aerial act for cruise line contract

Aerial Featured Acts:

(Male and Female act) Skills needed : Silk duet , Handloop (male) , Silks (individual). Any additional Aerial apparatus experience welcomed! Seeking: Experienced/seasoned male and female aerial acts. Look: Sexy, strong, extremely fit and captivating. Seamless transitions through all elements with fluid technique, flexibility and lines. MUST be able to adapt to aerial choreography.

To leave a request, kindly fill form.

Physical comedian

If you are interested please submit the application form:
Production Show Vocalist:

We require vocalists with exceptional vocal styles in contemporary pop, Musical Theatre, R&B and rock. Candidates must have excellent acting skills and show basic dance ability. Female Range is G or Gb below middle C with a strong belt up to B or C an octave above middle C. Head Voice up to E or F above the B or C belt. Males Range is B or Bb an octave below middle C with a strong belt up to F# or G.

Sending a Talent Submission for a Production Show Cast Member:

To submit a video/DVD audition please follow these instructions. 1. Please tell us your name, where you live and why you want to come to sea, showing your personality. 2. Vocalists please provide a variety of vocal styles with women showing us your belt and head voice and men your falsetto. Singers will also need to show us dance movement and a full body shot at some point in the talent footage. 3. Dancers please show a montage of technical abilities, across the floor work including kicks, leaps, pirouettes and extension. We will also need to see combinations of lyrical, Musical Theatre, Tap and Hip Hop. 4. If you have any "extra talents" such as pointework, tumbling, acrobatics, Ballroom and Latin dance, stage combats, please show us! 5. Show footage can be accepted however we will need to know who you are very clearly. 6. Candidates will need to supply a headshot and Dancers an additional full body photograph, an updated resume that includes your height and present contact information including an email address. 7. "YouTube" or emailed submissions can be submitted as long as they reach the above requirements. 8. All applicants will be contacted after reviewing. 9. Submitted audition material will not be returned. Good Luck!

If you are interested please submit your application using our form.


Jobs available for Dancers, Circus acts, Musicians, Bands.

Looking strolling style duo with availability

There is a Ship vacancy for a young looking strolling style duo. In the past, guitar and violin has worked well but any mix is fine. This should be an instrumental duo with a good range of music. 6 days working days per week 4 sets of 45 mins per day. One cabin, some guest privileges. Duration from May through to September in Europe on board. Looking for instrumental only, no 2 guitars or guitar and violin etc... Ship provide AirTKTS, cabin, food. If you are interested please submit your application using our form.

Jobs available for a Violin player, harp player, classical band, pop/jazz band to perform at the Hotels in UAE.

3 - 6 months Contracts 2015-2016.

Hotel provide medical insurance, visa, air tickets, accommodation, food & beverage, transport If staying out side the hotel, laundry.

5 or 6 working days a week

We are looking for really good and elegant act/s.

If you are interested please submit the application form:

Looking for a female pianist/singer, classical Duo and pop/jazz Duo to perform in 5 stars Hotels in Japan.

You would need to perform 5 sets x 30min a day. 6 working days a week.
Hotel provide airtkts, work permmits, accommodation and food. Advisable salary USD 2500 per person per month.

If you are interested please submit the application form:

There is a Ship vacancy for:

- a classical trio;

- tenor and soprano.

For the cruise job we need a classical trio (2 strings and piano) with 2 women and only 1 man. The trio plays every day for 4 1/2 hours and 2 or 3 times a week plays with the tenor and soprano. Duration 6 months starting in May/June/August in Europe on board. The Ship provide AirTKTS, cabin, food, some guest privileges. If You are available and interested, please send us your updated CV, photos, video, repertoire list, scanned passport copies to: [email protected] Salary will be discussed after seen the promo material.

We have available position for a jazz male/female dancers on Cruise Ships.

Working conditions: 6 shows a cruise in double sitting, 3 hours of extra duties a day maximum (library assistent , stretching lessons)

Salary: 1300 euros per persom a month.

Dancers have to provide a STWC 95 certificate for sailors, Panama seaman's book and the medical certificate.

If You are available and interested, please send your updated CV, promo photo and video with your jazz dance.

Please submit your application using our form at Casting for Rising Stars

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