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Musicians employment - musicians jobs, musicians auditions, musicians casting calls

International entertainment agency "Rising Stars" looking musician entertainers with high level skills and professionals with years of experience. Our talent agency musician department standards are high, and we select and present for our clients only the highest caliber musician and singers worldwide. Our goal is always to deliver the best from the best musician and singers entertainers. Our musicians auditions and musicians casting calls made by new generation style. Instead of searching out cruise line auditions and musician casting calls, simply apply with us. All you need to do is send your photo and video portfolio by e-mail (live musician video and photo preferred) and we will promote you to our cruise line clients. We have full music entertainment marketing solution package for those musician who looking high level entertainment services. We can provide for musicians, variety of jobs. Musicians, singers, and related music industry workers held about 215,000 jobs in 2005. Around 35% worked part time and almost half were self-employed. Many found jobs in cities in which entertainment and recording activities are concentrated, such as London, Paris, Prague, Kiev, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Chicago. Musicians, singers, and related music performers are employed in a variety of settings. Of those who earn a wage or salary, almost two-thirds were employed by talent agencies and almost one-fourth by performing arts companies such as professional big-bands, orchestras, small chamber music groups, opera companies, musical theater companies, and ballet troupes. Musicians and singers also perform in casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, cruise lines ships, weddings and other events. Well-known musicians and groups may perform in concerts, appear on radio and television broadcasts, and make recordings and music videos. Our talent agency offer careers for musicians: Big Band Singer, Blues Singer, Broadway Singer, Cabaret Singer, Caribbean Singer, Celtic Singer, Christmas Carolers, Classical Singer, Country Singer, Disco Singer, Doo-wop Singer, Flamenco Singer, Folk Singer, Gospel Singer, Hip-Hop Singer, Irish Singer, Italian Singer, Jazz Singer, Latin Singer, Motown Singer, Oldies Singer, Opera Singer, Pop Singer, R&B Singer, Rapper, Rock Singer, Reggae Singer, Soul Singer, Swing Singer, Top 40 Singer, Tribute Singer, Variety Singer, Wedding Singer, Yodeler. We are looking for "bans" category - Acoustic Band, Alternative Band, Blues Band, Christian Rock Band, Classic Rock Band, Cover Band, Fusion Band, Indie Rock Band, Jam Band, Metal Band, Oldies Band, Pop Band, Punk Band, Rock Band, and Southern Rock Band. Not just anyone can go and join the musician carrier and become a performer on cruise line ships. You don't need looking musician's jobs, musician's auditions, musicians casting calls. Just send your photo and video portfolio by e-mail. One of the upsides of being in the musicians is that you get the chance to travel the world. Cruise line ships have worked all over the planet, including Europe, Australia, Asia and all over North America. The music carrier has given you the opportunity to go to so many different countries and meet so many different people. Travel on the road with other performers who are like a job at cruise line ships, who are with you the whole time. When you're young, it's the time to do it. It's the time to travel, the time to grow and experience your life.

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