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Circus acts employment - circus jobs, circus auditions, circus casting calls

Ever dreamed of running away from "tentes et chapiteaux" and joining the cruise line circus? Think you have what it takes to be circus artist on cruise line ships? To find out some of the ins and outs of becoming a circus performer, talent agency "Rising Stars" present new employment opportunities. Cruise ship jobs is great opportunities for circus acts. Let the "Rising Stars" International Talent Agency assist your circus career in the entertainment cruise industry. One of the goals of our agency is to place circus acts in cruise line production shows. Instead of searching out cruise line auditions and casting calls simply apply with us. All you need to do is send your photo and video portfolio by e-mail (circus acts video and photo preferred) and we will promote you to our cruise line clients. Job for circus acts on cruise ship lines. The opportunity for circus acts to secure engagements with cruise ships have never been better. A booming cruise industry means great opportunity for professional circus acts. Not only for the work itself but also because it allows to see many countries. A typical cruise ship contract for circus acts is six months onboard, plus approximately one month rehearsal beforehand, ashore. The number of circus shows performed during a contract depends on the length of the cruise as well as the other entertainment options onboard. Usually, a circus acts artists performs their own show program. There are normally at least 10 brand new ships launched each year, worldwide. Apply now and you may be among the lucky ones who benefit from employment aboard some of the biggest and most luxurious liners in the world. The cruise line provides a round trip flight from your home city to the ship and all accommodation plus amenities. We welcome inquiries from those skilled in: - Acrobatics (Antipodists, Acrobatic Pair, Acrobats on Opposite Swing, Acrobats on Persch, Acrobatic on Horse, Bar acrobats, Equestrian acrobats, Icarian Games, Jumping acrobats, Pole acrobats, Russian Swing, Roller Skates acrobats, Rhein Wheels, Skateboard acrobats, Teeterboard acrobats, Weight acrobats) - Equilibre (Bicycle Scaters, Equilibre on Wheel, Equilibre on Ladder, Equilibre with a Ring, Equilibre on Spools, Equilibre on Perches, Equilibre on Slack Wire, Equilibre with Geometric, Shape, Hands Equilibre, Rope Walkers, Rola-Rola, Unicyclists) - Gymnastics (Aerial Flight, Aerial Cradle, Gymnasts on Rings, Gymnasts on Trapeze, Gymnasts on Aerial Ring, Gymnasts on Belts, Gymnasts on Corde Volante, Gymnasts on Corde Parelle, Original Aerial Act) - Original Janres (Animal Training, Contortionists, Clownade, Game with Diabolo, Game with Plates, Hoola Hoops, Illusion, Jugglers, Manipulations, Transformations, Yoga) Great opportunity to travel the globe, performing, and get paid for it. Not just anyone can go and join the circus and become a performer on cruise line ships. You need to have a specific talent, the right body type and be very determined. And you don't need looking circus jobs, circus auditions, circus casting calls. Just send your photo and video portfolio by e-mail. One of the upsides of being in the circus is that you get the chance to travel the world. Cruise line ships has worked all over the planet, including Europe, Australia, Asia and all over North America. The circus has given you the opportunity to go to so many different countries and meet so many different people. Travel on the road with other performers who are like a job at cruise line ships, who are with you the whole time. When you're young, it's the time to do it. It's the time to travel, the time to grow and experience your life. Gets a thrill from performing in front of a huge audience. You get to play and have fun every night. It's great to see the faces of the audience just jump alive when you make eye contact with them during a performance. You can see the audience being transported to another world. Despite what many people think, the life of a circus performer isn't all high-flying fun and games and clowning around. It's more glamorous than being an accountant, but there are some drawbacks. Circus performers work long days and spend a lot of time away from home. On cruise line ships, you don't really have anywhere to call home and you're always thinking about that night's show. How much money you make in cruise line ships all depends on what your circus act is, how much experience you have and what circus company you're working for. For example, the lead acrobat or trapeze artist with Cirque du Soleil or Ringling Brothers is going to make more money than the guy who sells programs or shovels up the crap from the lion's cage. Entry-level jobs in the circus might pay around $400 a week, while featured performers like acrobats, contortionists or trapeze artists can make between $50,000 to $90,000 a year. You also get free room and board while you're traveling with the show, which is an added perk.

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