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Vacancy for String Quartets for the cruise contracts

We are looking for String Quartets for the contracts on a cruise ship.
The contracts are always 3 to 5 months long depending on availability. We are not looking for guest musicians.
The working times: string quartets perform every day, seven days a week, 4 sets – each 50 minutes at different locations.
(There will be offshore days where you can leave the vessel and “see the world”.)
The repertoire is a mix of the quartets own pieces and Cruises pieces that take part the shows onboard.
Company Provides: round trip flights, accommodation (double cabin), during the time on board provides health insurance, meals (crew cafeteria).
You need to pay the medical certificates and visa by yourself.
Besides job as musicians there are so called “Side Duties”.
These duties are f.e. in case of emergency or (if needed) helping with stair guiding on guest change days.
(There are no other duties like serving guests or cleaning, etc.)

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