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Shaolin Kungfu Production

Shaolin, China

Chinese Kung Fu(martial art) has a long history of
development and is vast in scope and variety a national
treasure of China indeed. In the past, many great Kung Fu
masters used their skills to help defend the country, or
come to the aids of the oppressed and the needy, leaving
behind plenty of romantic legends. Today, against a
background of growing globalization, groups of skii-ful
and respected masters in different schools of Chinesd Kung
Fu are again generating great interest in this ancient
Chinese tra-dition both at home and abroad through cultural
exchanges, demonstrative tours and rournaments.
Group was founded in 1994 and it is made
up of the secular disciples of Shaolin Temple. They have
set as their mission the succession, continuation and
development of great martial art traditions.The Group
members are all skilful masterswidely known and respected
both at home and abroad. Up until now , they have already
visited the United States, Canada, U.K., France, Sweden,Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Singapore and South Korea,
etc., participating in many important events including the
Macau Shaolin Martial Art Charity Show ,the Malaysia social
Welfare Charity Show ,the U.S./Canada Charity Tour ,the
Japan Worldwide Religious Ceremonies Expo, the Canadian
International Multi-Cultural Festival, the Chinese/Swiss
Cultural Exchange Festival, the Kunming World Horticulture
Expo, the Sixth Anniversary Ceremony of the Macau Basic
Law.etc. Group members have been granted audience by
many top Chinese government officials, Her Majesty Queen
Elizabeth of Engl, former Russian President Vladimir Putin,
former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger,they watched
Shaolin Kungfu performance and liked it very much. The
Group's activities have been widely reported by more than
a hundred news media throughout the world.

Shaolin Kungfu Repertoire:

Act 1.The Old Buddhist Monk Sits in Meditation
Commentary: One nation will come into being their own civilization over thousands of years'. The basis of human wisdom is respect for elders knowledge and experience handed down from generation to generation. Shaolin monks' s mysterious Kung Fu was handed down in just this way - from master to pupil. It advocates the spirit of Buddha, namely "The spirit can control body". Monks are sitting in meditation and praying.

Act 2. The Old Buddhist Monk Takes Children to the Mountain Gate of Shoaling
Commentary: For hundreds of years, children always come to pry about the monks' mysterious and enigmatic martial arts, wanting to be close to these "Gods" in their hearts. They want to get superrhuman power and wisdom, but only a few will study under master's direction.

Act 3. The Old Buddhist Monk Narrates the History of Shaolin
Commentary: "Please listen to the history of Shaolin. More than 1,500 years ago, an emperor ordered monks to translate the sutra of Indian Buddhism into Chinese" and vouchsafed one beautiful tract to them, it lies in the foot of a high mountain. So they named it "Shao Lin", meaning the woodsy hill. Later one Indian monk "Da Mo" sat facing a wall for ten years in this temple and reformed the theory of Buddhism, calling it "Buddhism". He instructed them to exercise the body when he taught monks Buddhism. After his strict request, monks' endure remorseless training, finally he invented an exercising method to protect temple and named it "Kung Fu".

Act 4. Barehanded Fight Against
Commentary: Da Mo told the monks: "Your Kung Fu is just to protect yourself, not to attack others". But sometimes, monks were ordered by the emperor to protect the country and squash revolts and resist invaders. However, when the emperor wanted to award official position and money to them, they rejected it and went back to the temple.

Act 5. Shaolin Mountain Shocking Cudgel, Hard Qigong
Commentary: For hundreds of years, our temple lies in the spiritual center of China. The Shaolin Temple always the cradle of martial arts lovers. Everyone has their stunts, just like Orange Bell Cover and Iron Coat skill. But the Feudalism Dynasty feared the power of the Shaolin Temple, so they began to expel monks and burned down Shaolin. But the spirit of Buddhism still lived in the surviving monks and their students and was passed down from generation to generation. From that time on, Shaolin Kung Fu became the forerunner of all different kinds of fighting sports in the world.

Act 6.Imitating Boxing of 10 Kinds of Creatures and Monkey
Commentary: We observe nature and its rule, it is the original of everything. We will synchronize with nature and use her power. Da Mo said:" To imitate animals' movement, especially their fighting scenes, observe how they attack and defend. Their agility and celerity is your example."

Act 7. Group Shield Broadsword Play
Commentary: Broadsword is the forebear of all kinds of weaponry. It is the extension of your arm. Harmonious, exact action and high fighting speed can give it formidable power.

Act 8. Single Exercise and Encounter
Commentary: Movement comes from quiet, and speed comes from slowness. All of Kung Fu should combine movement and quiet, speed and slow. You will come to the top of Kung Fu only after you understand this point.

Act 9. Eight Trigrams Boxing
Commentary: Most Shaolin Military monks know the secret of "Qi", it means the power of the body. If you turn your attention inward you can feel it and use the Qi to cure an illness or weakness in your body.

Act 10. Hard Qigong (Five Spears Supporting Body and so on)
Commentary: "Qi" is the source of health and power. You cannot be a good Kung Fu exerciser until you control Qi successfully. To get rid of all of other ideas, bend yourself to centralize body power to one point to improve resisting hit ability without an aching feeling.

Intermission (15 minutes)

Act 11. Combat of Two Cudgels by Elder and Child
Commentary: Our forefathers always protect themselves with the most familiar object. So the stick is the basis of all Kung Fu weapons. Let me teach you how to use the stick for self-protection and defense.

Act 12. Exercise 8 Kinds of Weapons
Commentary: For many years, military monks invented their own weapons, hence Exercise of 18 Kinds of Weapons. These weapons are made of very simple materials, like a rope, chain, stick etc. They can be very powerful if you use them correctly.

Act 13.The Old Buddhist Monk and Child
Commentary: If you want to come into the top of your class, you have to study to abnegate. All you can see is the surface. All of your power comes from your heart. But this road is very hard. So follow me if you decide to choose it, I will be your master.

Act 14. Master-Disciple Ceremony
Commentary: Today, if you accept the Ceremony of entering Temple, you will become one of us. You should live according to Da Mo's commandments and learn to abnegate all earthborn pleasures and enjoyments. You can leave here if you feel you are to weak to follow our rules. But the brilliance of Buddhism will still shine through your life.

Act 15. Collective Wooden Fish Zen Play
Commentary: Follow the brilliance of Buddhism and learn his knowledge. Your whole life will benefit from it. Even if you leave your master one day, you will become his emissary. For 1500 years, our Shao Lin monks haven't written our knowledge, but handed it down from generation to generation. No difficulty can destroy the knowledge, not revolution, burning, war or expulsion.

Act 16. Shaolin Virgin Boy Skill by Elder and Child
Commentary: Shaolin Virgin Boy Skill will keep your body and spirit young forever. Now look at my exercise, I've studied it since childhood and this year is the 80th year I've exercised Kung Fu.

Act 17. Shaolin Virgin Boy Skill
Commentary: Look for your heart's introject and try to keep it in your life. It is the only way to get the inner and outside balance.

Act 18. Qigong
Commentary: All of your strength comes from breath. Breath means life. You can guide the air stream into your body and control your muscles, now try to concentrate your strength on your belly button, then absorb this bowl. Now nobody can pull out it except you.

Act 19.Collective Nine-Segmented Whip Play, Shepherd whip, Kan Jia Fist
Commentary: Underestimating your adversary is the beginning of failure. Your condescension and reticence will make your victory more brilliant. Let yourself belong to a collectivists and influence other people by your confidence. An individual can improve in only one way: put your benefit into group.

Act 20. Human Body Plum - Blossom stake skill
Commentary: Plum-Blossom stake skill is one kind of flexible Kung Fu. If you learn this Kung Fu successfully, your body will be very brisk and your step will be very agile.

Act 21. Combat of Three People
Commentary: When you are attacking each other, you should notice adversary's intent and adopt a corresponding action. Look at his eyes and react to him quickly. This will transform the strength of your adversary to your advantage and defeat him nimbly.

Act 22. Iron Spare Thrust Throat
Commentary: Furnace your body and muscle, so your adversary's weapon cannot hurt you. No swords or knives can hurt your body. They will be broken should your adversary's weapon touch your body.

Act 23. Bursting the Mountain Gate of Shaolin
Commentary: If you want to leave your master, you must defeat him.

Act 24. Curtain Call
Commentary: Understanding other people is a kind of wisdom, and understanding yourself is a noble. Power can control people, but you have the power of will. Patience is the embodiment of will. Keep persistence to the end.

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