Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin, China

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kungfu is a rich, profound act, and one of the most precious legacies of Chinese culture. The Shaolin Shengong (shengong meaning "incredible power") Kungfu Group was founded in July, 2002. The group has been invited to perform in movies, gala's and other events all over the world, including; Russia, Japan, American, Canada, India and more.

Group show: 18 types of martial arts, Basic shaolin kungfu, Group shaolin sticks, Group knives, Group quan, Baduanjin-Chinese yoga, Group muyu fighting, Group multi-sectioned whip, and Group shepherd whip.

Solo show: Tongzi gong-Body strength, Ditang quan-boxing, Kanjia quan-boxing, Shepherd whip, Zhuifeng Ganyue Knifes, Swords, Pudao - Long-handled Broadsword, Sticks, Shaolin Bawang qiang-Qiang weapon, Double qiang-Qiang weapon, Double Sledgehammer, Double Shaolin knifes, Double whips, Multisectioned whip, Trisectioned cudgel, Moon-shaped Accessory, Chunqiu big knife, Drunken State Act fighting, sword and cudgel acts.

Pictographic Fighting: Hu Quan'Tiger, Ying Quan- Eagle, Hama Quan'Toad, Dilong Quan-Snake, Tanglang Quan'Praying mantis.

Pair fighting: The Long-handled Broadsword and Cudgel, Double Knifes and Qiang weapon, Naked hand fighting, Trisectioned stick and Shield Swords, Qiang weapon grabbing.

Qigong: The Glass Piercing with Needle, Eating the lamp, The body poking, Steel plate spitting,Breaking Sticks on a Monk's Body, Inhaling the bowl on the belly, The throat poking, monk raised by other monks on the tip of a lance poked into his navel. Demonstration involving two monks lying on the floor, a plate of sharp nails between them; a third monk wits with a hammer and breaks a stone placed on the upper monk's body.

Technical requirements of show program:

1. Stage
The stage should be approximately 10m by 8m (or more).
Thick carpet (for acrobatics) on stage to be provided and prepared by the presenter. The carpet should be flat and should cover the entire stage/performing area. The carpet should be strongly secured to the stage floor (to avoid slipping or other dangerous accidents).
Performers should have exits from both stage left and right.
Venues should provide dressing-rooms and lavatories for the performers.

2. Lights
Normal lighting acceptable with blue, red, and white gel's for main colors, and 2 to 3 follow spots if possible (show can be adapted to any light available).

3. Sound
Mini Disc is preferable, but CD is possible.

4. Accessories to be provided by the Presenter
Pieces of flagstones (2 will be broken during each show). Dimensions of the flagstone: 30cm/40cm, 3cm thick

5. Other equipment & requirements
Smoke machines - if possible
Sound and light operators