Shaolin Kung Fu 2228

Shaolin, China

Shaolin Kung Fu 2228

Technical requirements of show program:

1. Stage
The stage should be approximately 10m by 8m (or more).
Thick carpet (for acrobatics) on stage to be provided and prepared by the presenter. The carpet should be flat and should cover the entire stage/performing area. The carpet should be strongly secured to the stage floor (to avoid slipping or other dangerous accidents).
Performers should have exits from both stage left and right.
Venues should provide dressing-rooms and lavatories for the performers.

2. Lights
Normal lighting acceptable with blue, red, and white gel's for main colors, and 2 to 3 follow spots if possible (show can be adapted to any light available).

3. Sound
Mini Disc is preferable, but CD is possible.

4. Accessories to be provided by the Presenter
Pieces of flagstones (2 will be broken during each show). Dimensions of the flagstone: 30cm/40cm, 3cm thick

5. Other equipment & requirements
Smoke machines - if possible
Sound and light operators