Electro Light Bubble Show

Moscow, Russia

Electro Light Bubble Show


Beautiful fantastic show with all colors of a rainbow. Bright color balls with which the actor, the color rings rotating disks juggles. All it will be remembered in memory of the child as a bright color dream.
In repertoire enough various numbers and suits. Also there is a suit beautiful dragon- lizard that also will approach for a children's holiday. Probably to make show for 20 minutes.


Show of soap bubbles - the original entertainment which has won hearts not only many children, but also adults.
Soap bubbles of any forms and are poured the sizes by all colors of a rainbow, are strong, and in hands of our skillful masters turn to improbable show, with such tricks, as the person in a huge soap bubble, huge soap bubbles, bubbles in a bubble and many other things.
Show online, and children take in it the most direct part, helping to blow bubbles and being accomplices of many tricks.
Show will be interesting to children and adult any age and will necessarily decorate your holiday, having left after itself fine mood and indelible impressions.


Magic show consists of several parts - show with spectators, focuses with cards, ropes, money, mobile telefones, balls.
Also disappearance and occurrence of the subjects taken from the spectator. Focuses for children and adults.

1) classical illusion (focuses with cards, coins, scarfs, ropes, rings, colors. It will be pleasant to any public, in some focuses take part in the spectator).
2) the Levitation (focuses with flying subjects).
3) Comic illusion (focus with a jacket. The spectator participates in this focus, which for a while becomes the present conjurer)
4) Children's magic show the program. Children participate in each focus. A special selection of easy and colourful focuses, which will approach children from 4 till 13 years.
5) Focus with the laser.