Flying Poles

Bijing, China

Flying Poles

"Flying Pole" is an original program that won the international gold medal and national patent. It has been performed around Germany, USA, Sweden and Norway. Audiences have enthusiastically praised its extensive vigor, art and power.

"Flying Pole" changes traditional immovable poles into awag poles. In every row there are three poles than can swing to a 100 degree angle. Performers push two rows to swing alternately and fly while the poles are swaying. The performers climb and quickly jump between the poles, just like nimble monkeys fly in the forest.

The group can perform:

Flying Pole: 8 actors, duration 7 minutes
Rope Skipping: 8 actors, duration 5 minutes
Hoop Diving: 8 actors, duration 6 minutes

The Flying Pole act will go to Monte Carlo to take part in the Monte Carlo Circus Festival on Jan 8, 2009!