Circus Show Voice Of Dream

Bijing, China

Circus Show Voice Of Dream

They are a group of deaf-mute, and they have dreams.
They firmly believe the life always have dreams, and always have aspired.
Although their world are forever silence, they are sure the world in the dream have sound.
So, to our heart's content, they use their body to come true this dream, thereby arrive the colorful sound world.

All of performers are deaf-mute. Because they cannot hear sound, they need to pay more hardships for every programs. Their performance are beautiful and breathtaking. Audiences will feel their clinging pursuit of dreams and are deeply moved.

The program:
Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva
Ball Skill
Rotating Blanket
Rolling Circle

1. The group have 1 tour manager + 1 Sign language teacher + 8 performers.
2. It is 22 mins each show, 3 shows per day, 6 working days in a week.