Water Puppets Theatre 105103

Hanoi , Vietnam

Water Puppets Theatre 105103

This Watetpuppet toured successfully in the United States, Canada, Germany.

It is officially from the stele of Sung Thien Dien Linh, an archaeological artifact which shows the performance year of 1121, Water puppetry was performed foe wishing The King's long life. It was the time of King Ly Nhan Tong's dynasty. The Ly's period is historically valued as a period of highty cultural, artistical and esthetic development.

For more than 800 year, water puppetry had been a cultural part of Vietnamese folk and taken part in cultural activities of the court. Through skillful hands of ancient artists, wooden puppets seemed to be transfered a living force, lively movement and impressive performance. The themes for performance were selected from folk's daily life activities which reflected the civilization of ancient Vietnam. After busy days of a crop-season they assembled together to realize, to perform and to enjoy the highlights which reflected their daily life such as a fox cathing a duck, ploughing and transplaning rice, boat racing, fishing and the imagination of Vietnamese ancient people flow up even higher with fairy dances, dragon dancers...

With 4 sacred animals called Dragon, Unicom, Turtle, Phoenix, through an exciting dance, the ancient people had expressed their dreams of the life: health, peace, longecity and happiness...

The atmosphere was more exciting with a traditional musical band, hereditary musical instruments were combined with a king of fire-works on watersuface, creating an actively exciting environment for a night of multi colored performance.
Vietnamese water puppetry is unique in the world, it provides the audience with exciting, wonderful and miraculours feelings noted by Le Monde-Paris, a French journal.

Artist 1
Year of Birth: 1975

Artist 2
Year of Birth: 1992

Artist 3
Year of Birth: 1971

Artist 4
Year of Birth: 1990

Artist 5
Year of Birth: 1984

Artist 6
Year of Birth: 1991

Artist 7
Year of Birth: 1987

Artist 8
Year of Birth: 1990