Theatrical Group 7620

Moscow, Russia

Theatrical Group 7620

Show-theater is an attempt to continue their creativity and develop the ancient traditions of world cultures, making them understandable and accessible to modern audiences. Our productions are based on stories drawn from the ancient literary epics, myths and legends of various peoples of the world, and carry the wisdom of centuries. They are interesting and relevant to viewers of all generations and all age groups, as they recount the perennial themes: life and death, love and betrayal, good and evil.

The theater group was established nearly 15 years ago. In our repertoire - dozens of productions, which include dramas, mime, dance shows and costumed performances. Theatre is easily recognizable due to the traditional costumes, masks and unique design of the original dramas, which skillfully combine with music, dance and scenery. The use of LED costumes and special fiery pyrotechnic effects fills each and every one of our theatrical show with its brightness and enchantment.


Took an active part in the election campaign for the right to host the Winter Olympics - 2014 in Sochi. (gala concert July 4, 2007)

After the football match Spain - France, which took place during the UEFA EURO - 2012 was performance of the theater in Kemping park (23 June 2012, Donetsk city, Ukraine)

Participated in several television programs: PERVIY channel (Moscow) - "Let's get married!". The premiere telecast of the New Year episode (January 2, 2012, Moscow)

"Cheap and cheerful" from December 29, 2012
PERVIY (Moscow) - "PREMIER-LEAGUE" KBN, 1/8 finale,
Concert Hall "Academic" (Moscow city)

and, at the same channels: RUSSIA (Moscow, Voronezh), NTV (Moscow), STOLITSA (Moscow), REN TV (Moscow), 5TH CHANNEL (St. Petersburg), STS (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov), STO (St. Petersburg )
theater-004Participated on the MADHURA & PITBULL concert, Baku city, Arerbarjan, 6 March 2010

Took part in the GLOBAL CLUBBING SHOW (Moscow city)
7 May 2010, MADHURA & ARMIN VAN BUUREN - 2010

Participates in the Days of the city, presentations of companies and products:
Took part in the carnival procession and concert program dedicated to celebrate AURIZ MEYRAMI 2010, "Astana" square (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Participates on the festival "World Carnival of Fire" 2009, 2011-2012 " Setunskaya fortress (Moscow). According to the results of the contest, honorable jury of the carnival awarded team Madhura the title * BEST LIGHT SHOW *
Tea Festival from 2004 to 2006, Vasilevsky descent, Moscow

Celebrations of the day of Sochi city 2007 and the Day of Petigorsk city 2007

Car presentation:
SSANGYONG - 2007-2013,
LEXUS 2009

Promotion LG - 2010, hotel - Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya

Traveling tours:

2009-2010 Denmark (Copenhagen), Sweden (Malmo, Lund, Gothenburg, Stockholm), Norway (Oslo)
INDIA 2013-2009 year (Puri, Mayapur, Vrindavan and Delhi)
Watch photos * INDIA - 2013 *
CAUCASUS 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, Festival of "SOURCES OF LIFE"

Permanent participant of festivals "Ethnolife" and "Mystic India" (Moscow - St. Petersburg - Sochi - Voronezh - Kiev - Donetsk - Dnepropetrovsk - Zaporozhye)

Repeatedly performed on Grushinskii Festival (2002 and 2006)

The group was invited by the Russian Association of Indians for the preparation and celebration of Diwali Mela and Janmashtami (2003 to 2013)

Performing shows at schools as part of the school curriculum, introducing children to the culture of the ancient East. theater-007

Participates in charity concerts for orphan children's houses.

Festive event in Children's Day Golyanovo June 1, 2011 (Moscow)