Ice Skaters Duo 652

Kiev, Ukraine

Ice Skaters Duo 652

Their skating is skating at fantastic speed, - at this, moving skater performs a most short-radius turns. Also, the skater performs complex combinations of movements, - the skater moves in different directions.

(Scope of the techniques and training technique specified in the appropriate License Programs)

1) Making of a turn is performed in two/four steps.

2) No limit to the number of steps made in straight line, - this depends on trajectory line, also it depends on the competition program.

3) When in making of a turn, skater is allowed to touch the ice by both hands, by elbows, by left shoulder, or by head. Leaning against ice is deliberated and continuous, - this is continuously when in making a turn.

4) Radius for a turn when moving in trajectory shall be less of 8m (4-6m). When in making evolutions, or when in performance of elements, radius for a turn is an optional one.

5) Skaters do their movements following various closed trajectories, - at this, turns to the left are made.

6) Various acrobatic and dance movements are allowed to be performed when in performing the elements.

7) Making of turns and movement in straight lines shall be performed at high speed, - mind that speed of skating is one of the basic criteria with the referee to evaluate the skater performance.