Ice Skater 1606

London, UK

Ice Skater 1606

DOB 26/10/1990
Height: 176 cm(5' 10")
Weight: 12st 7lb (180kg)

Professional Ice skater with Feld Entertainment Inc since 2008.
Level 10 (NISA UK) solo Ice skater
Medals at regional and National level
Pairs and dance experience. Bronze medallist at British pairs championships
Welsh champion at numerous levels
Featured show skater at amateur level


Double Axel, Double
Salchow, Double flip,
Double loop, Double toe-
loop, Double lutz, Tuck
Combination jumps


Spiral, sit, change-foot sit,
flying camel, death drop.


Pairs lifts, death spiral,
press lift, side by side
jumps and spins, roll up
lift, crucifix and reverse